Manchester Orchestra - Cope (Album Review)

Manchester Orchestra has been a band that has consistently impressed me. I've always looked forward to hearing their albums since their debut album and they've never let me down. I've come away from all of their albums enjoying them quite a bit.

Andy Hull's vocals and the fantastic instrumentation make for a pretty rewarding listening session. I really like the way all the guitars sound on this album. The way they are produced, mixed, and the overall sound is one of my favorite things about the album. Just listen to the guitar work on title track "Cope" and tell me the intro doesn't just get you pumped and get stuck in your head. Vocally Andy Hull has always been unique enough to really stand out. I really like the lyrics on this album as well. It's really interesting and the lyrics are thought provoking.

This album borders on a sound that has a mild to heavy indie rock vibe. Fans of Thrice's later work should really enjoy this album. I'd definitely recommend checking out the title track to this album because it's great. The first song on the album "Top Notch" is a great introduction track. It features another instant attention grabbing guitar intro. "Girl Harbor" is a really catchy song that is one of the milder songs in terms of sound. The guitars are a little more subdued on the track while the drums really stick out in the song, at least to me.

Manchester Orchestra has become a band that you can always rely on to write interesting, well done, and well thought out music. This is an album that I'd really recommend checking out. It's another great album from Manchester Orchestra.

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