Roam - Head Down (EP Review)

Roam's Head Down EP is exactly what I'm looking for from a newer pop/punk band. It shows the band’s great vibe and chemistry and it packs a huge punch. It's five songs of really well executed pop/punk. Roam seems to be well on their way to follow in the footsteps of some of the more recently popular pop/punk groups from the U.K. like Neck Deep and Save Your Breath. Pinky Swear Records is pressing this EP on vinyl (they also pressed Neck Deep's EP's).  

One thing I really like about the EP is it starts and doesn't let up. It's five songs of catchy riffs, pounding drums, and excellent vocals. It reminds me a lot of the energy you hear on The Story So Far's What You Don’t See which was released early this year (and was a favorite of this year for me). It's hard to pick out a favorite track from the EP because it is all around really well done. For the sake of discussing a track or two, the opening track "You Never Said" is a great opening track it sets the pace of the EP and mood really well. Lyrically it's good and musically it's spot on. The drums and guitars sound excellent on the song. "Headrush" is another standout. I really like the hard pounding drumming throughout the song and especially in the intro of the song. It's got some really interesting chanting in the song and the pacing and vibe of the song is really neat as well.

I'm convinced this EP should put this band on the map and I wouldn't be surprised if this EP puts them on the list of one of the best up and coming bands around. At this point of the year I can at times be a little gassed on listening to pop/punk. The spring/summer seasons seem to be defined by pop/punk to the point when fall comes I'm starting to get eager to hear something else. This EP and the energy and songwriting really caught me by surprise just by how much I enjoyed it on first listen.

Do yourself a favor and check this one out. Roam has done a really great job with Head Down. It's chocked full of good songs and it has the really great sing-along-able nature I really enjoy with pop/punk. The U.K. is producing a ton of really great quality pop/punk groups right now and this band is another great one to check out. If you're a fan of some of the newer pop/punk groups like The Story So Far, Save Your Breath, and Real Friends then you should definitely check this out.

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