The Dynasty - The Dynasty (ALBUM REVIEW)

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Wes Blak is known largely for a couple things. One is his single “Yuckmouth” which inspired a lot of interest and criticism from the hip-hop community and secondly the Tyler! The Creator diss he released. Blak was pushed to the forefront with tons of internet buzz after “Yuckmouth” was dissected amongst the blogosphere. Some said Blak had created a massive buzz worthy track with “Yuckmouth” while others believed him merely to be a Tyler! The Creator clone. A lot of interest was placed around his album Land Of The Lost, which was supposed to be released on May 13, but was postponed by Blak in favor of a mixtape called Blak instead. Neither release was released on the May 13 and it seemed as though Blak disappeared from the musical landscape. His Twitter and Facebook showed minimal updates, but when it was updated, Blak promised the wait would be worth it. Then out of nowhere, Blak returned announcing his new group The Dynasty.

The Dynasty’s official album was released a couple days ago as a free release and I was more than interested to see what the rapper could create. The album features all of the members of Blak’s new group as well as himself. It is produced entirely by Blak. The album is somewhat of a mixed bag. On one hand, the production shows a lot of potential and Blak proves he is more than capable of creating a good beat. The artists in the group also show some skills, although ultimately Blak’s appearances show the most potential. On the other hand, the mixing and mastering could have been a little better, but for an independent release, it is not too bad.

The Dynasty’s various rappers have solo tracks as well as shared tracks and some are more interesting than others are. “Yuckmouth” and “Nytemare” are two of Blak’s songs that were released when he originally surfaced and they show up on the album in slightly modified forms. Changing them around a bit makes them sound somewhat fresher than if they had remained the same. The most promising new track found on the album, in my opinion, is “Inside The Mind Of” which should please fans of “Yuckmouth” and “Nytemare.”

Overall, this is a promising start from the group. People who are fans of Blak will probably enjoy this and be satisfied finally to have an LP from Blak, but they might also find themselves still waiting on an official Wes Blak solo album. I am curious if Land Of The Lost or the Blak mixtape will see the light of day any time in the near future. There is no question that the Odd Future comparisons will continue because it is hard to believe Odd Future does not influence The Dynasty in some way. This is worth checking out though and I would recommend downloading this free release.

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