Album Review: Young L & Lil B Present S.S. Mixtape Vol. 2

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This came out a few weeks ago and I didn't post anything about it, but I wanted to make sure to put my 2 cents out on this mixtape. First off this plays more like an album as most mixtape projects do that Young L puts out. I've always enjoyed The Pack and Young Squad, but I did enjoy the S.S. Mixtape Vol. 1 a little more than The Pack's Based Boys. Vol. 2 is some of the best music I've heard out of the Young L related projects in a while. For those not familiar with these S.S. Mixtape's they feature the group Young Sqaud which include Young L and Lil B from The Pack as well as O.T. and Lil Scott who are brothers of Young L.

The mixtape shows how Young L has continued to evolve as a producer handeling the bulk of the production on this project just allows him to shine. I'd recommend this mixtape for the car & driving it just has an energy to it. Lyrically it has it's strengths and at times some minor weaknesses, but overall it's quality material.

I always try to support the Young L projects. The Pack came out with their own sub genre of music Based and countless other groups from the area hopped on board and for a while the whole area surged with "skatebaord rap." A lot of it was fairly mediocre and caused a backlash. The scene cooled off and then The Cool Kids came along and kind of scooped the limelight. Young L has continued to improve his sound and brand and release material.

I think this mixtape is a big return to form for the Bay Area producer and the rest of the S.S. group. If you were a fan of any of the projects released by either The Pack or Young Squad this should fit in nicely with your collection. I don't think anyone who is a fan some the material released by these guys over the past 3 or 4 years will be dissapointed by this at all. In fact they might enjoy this project more.

Standout tracks:

"Let My Wheels Spin"
"Heard Of Me"

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