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First off thanks for the interview

Deacon: No, man. Thank you.

87 Stick Up Kids are building a lot of hype and have been for a while. Can you tell me how the group got started and when you knew you had something that people would take notice of?

Deacon: Essentially, everything began when Rockwell, Deacon and Squish decided that there was something missing from the eastside of LA’s party scene- Rowdy, Boom Bap Rap. With that vision in mind, Rockwell recruited Nash to be part of the outfit as well as Micah James. We soon came to a group agreement that stylistically Micah should be his own entity and thus was born The ’87 Stick Up Kids (Rockwell came up with the groups title). Once people heard the four had formed a group we started getting booked for shows immediately off the strength of our personalities. I mean, we didn’t even have songs written. It’s been steadily building from it’s inception into what you before you today.

Squish: We started about 3-4 years ago, we all had been doing different projects in different bands and through the process of many house parties, booze, and conversations we decided to form like voltron and create something that no one was really doing at the time. We really just wanted to bring some fun back into hip hop and give people a great live show, and that i think has really helped in people taking notice of us.

You released an EP not to long ago called Out 4 Fame. Can you tell me about the recording process of the EP and where your heads where at while making it?

Deacon: 12 packs of Tecate and bottles of Ancient Age did a lot of the initial thinking for us. Basically, we set out to make music that we enjoyed that was in the spirit of the Hip Hop that made us fall in love with culture. The Out 4 Fame EP is The 87 Stick Up Kids figuring out how to make records together as a group. We wanted make something that was rooted in the past but that had its eyes on the future, and that had something for everyone on it.

Squish: This was a recording that was pieced together we recorded a few tracks here and a few tracks there. As far as our heads go, they were filled with Ancient Age and Tecate.

The new EP Out 4 Fame was released as a free download, along with your newest single. A lot of artists are releasing high quality free material these days. Why did you guys decide to release the EP for free and do you think releasing the EP for free as helped the group’s name spread more?

Deacon: Without distribution the only way to make your name is to get the music in peoples hands. Today the interwebs is the medium you can use to do that. You know, other then selling shit out the back of your trunk or after shows. We felt like the easiest way for people to know who we were was to create a presence on the internet.

Squish: In the end, being able to release something for free makes it a lot easier to get out to the masses. Especially when your a group that doesn't have label support or management. When you are doing it DIY as ourselves, you have to take every advantage that the interwebs and blogs have given artists. It seemed only fitting to release it for free.

You guys just released a new song called “Lights, Camera…” that was produced by Troublemaker. I know you guys are also working on some new stuff. What can we expect next from the group album, mixtape, new EP?

Deacon: We’re currently working on our follow up project to “Out 4 Fame” called “Car Keys and Rabbits Feet” which we hope to have fully completed by early next year. There will be other releases here and there to keep people on their toes, but Car Keys is definitely where our focus is. Nash and I have started recording tracks with Ro Blvd who produced U-N-I’s “A Love Supreme” and those songs will be finding homes in a variety of places.

Squish: Bangers...

You guys did a video for “Born To Roll” which is a great video and it’s full of energy. How did you come up with the concept and I’ve heard video shoots are tough projects -(been in a couple myself haha)- What was the process like and are you pleased with the fan response to the video?

Deacon: The fan response has been amazing, and we can’t thank them enough for the support. The video itself was conceived by Kwesi Kodia of Dia Creative. He approached after hearing Born To Role with a complete treatment in hand and the connects to get the video shot quickly and cheaply. We also had a great team of friends who came together to make the whole thing happen.

Squish: We are lucky enough to come from a very close group of family and friends. In this circle are numerous amounts of talented people, one of them being Qwesi Thomas who directed that video. He had his ideas and was very open to ours. In the end it was a great time making it and i think it open some doors for new fans.

We talked a little about “Lights, Camera…” the other day and the fact you guys are doing something kind of different with the new stuff. What can we expect to be different on these new tracks?

Deacon: A wider variety of production styles, but complimented with the same raw energy and lyrical prowess. That and a lot of bass. A lot of bass.

Squish: We are growing as a group as well as our sound. But to sum it all up it's an orgasm for your ears.

You guys always call Micah James an unofficial member of the 87 Stick Up Kids and he’s been in videos, songs, press photos with you guys. How did you meet up with him and what do you think it is about his style of rapping that fits so well with yours?

Deacon: Micah is a virtuoso MC whom Rockwell, Nash and Squish have known for years. Micah can rap on any beat, about anything, and do it better than your boy can. We have brought him along for the ride because he makes us look good.

Youtube videos show you guys have a crazy live show. I’ve gotta know what is one of the best show experiences you’ve had?

Deacon: There’s been a bunch: The show we did with Cool Kids at the Roxy was pretty amazing. We pulled up the front row of the crowd for our show closer and the kids went ape shit and were wilding out with us on stage. Anytime we do “Too Drunk Fuck” and crowd sings the chorus along with us is always great.

Squish: Every show has it's little golden nuggets, but just recently we played at the Abbot Kinney Festival in Venice, CA it was great to see all walks of life getting down to our music. We literally had the street packed and to look out and see smiles on everyone's faces is something that you can't beat. From the young to the old, to the rich and the poor. SOmetimes you want to let loose and we provide that outlet for you.

Now I’ve heard this title thrown around the blogs some and I was wondering what your reaction is to it. I’ve heard some blogs claim you guys are the next Beastie Boys. What is your reaction to this?

Deacon: It’s a compliment. The Beastie Boys have had one of the most successful careers spanning 3 decades, have toured the world, and sold millions of records. We hope to have a fraction of that success.

Squish: For me personally, i take it as a compliment. The Beasties are hands down one of my favorite groups ever, and to be compared to and even called the "new" beasties is an honor. I hope that we can make an impact as much as they did.

I’ve haven’t asked many fashion questions to groups in a while, but I’m going to thrown one out there now. What are you three favorite items (or designers) currently? And what are the freshest sneakers you own?

Deacon: Got to shout out Grn Apple Tree, Mighty Healthy, The Hundreds and Plain Gravy for keeping me laced. I destroy every pair of kicks I own. Even the expensive custom jernts so give me a pair Vans Era Originals and I’m straight.

Squish: Bally's out the box, no socks.

Who some artists you think are doing good things for hip hop right now?
Shout out to Brother Reade, Pac Div, Diz Gibran and Moonshine, Bleu Collar, U-N-I, Rob Roy, and Troublemaker.

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