Swear Jar - Sound In The Signals Interview

I recently had the chance to interview Swear Jar. Check out the full interview below.

First off, thanks for the interview.
Dylan: No problemo thank you!

Can you tell me how you got together and formed the band for anyone who is not familiar with Swear Jar?
Basically we’d all been friends playing in different bands for a long time. We all just decided summer of 2017 that we wanted to play in a very fast emotive music. So we stared jammin' in our drummers basement and haven’t looked back since.

You just released a video for your song "Jawbreaker". What made you pick that song as a single?
Actually we have a video for Break Hearts we put out first before our EP was released December 2018. But Jawbreaker was actually the directors favorite song and first choice for a video. So when it came time to do our second video it was an easy choice. Plus lots of people seem to enjoy that track.
What was the video shoot like and who did you work with for the video?
Both of our videos have been done by our good friend Connor McGuire. Honestly both shoots were very chill and more like we were just hanging out. Both videos were only filmed over a two day period combined. Connor’s work ethic is shadowed by none. As you can see in his work quality.

You released your self-titled EP last year. Have you been pleased with the reaction so far?
Oh definitely it’s been very fun to play shows and have kids singing along. Not much gives you a better feeling than that imo. We released it the last month of 2018 so we see it as a 2019 release. Lots of stuff coming up for Swear Jar in 2019.
Do you have plans to release any new music this year? Any chance we'll hear a new single, EP, or maybe an album?
It’s possible we could release one more video for this year. But that is still in talks. Don’t expect any new tracks from us till 2020. ;p

What song do you think would be a good starting point and why for someone who is new to your band?
I always like to show people “Nerve Damage”, I feel like it gives people a good representation of what we’re all about and what kind of music we want to to continue to make.

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Thank you! I hope these answers are OK!

Stream Swear Jar's 'Self-Titled' EP: HERE.

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