Postcards From The Moon - New Song "Wish You The Best"

Texas-based quintet, Postcards From The Moon shared new song, "Wish You The Best" which is being posed as a millennial break-up anthem. Violinist Rolando Valentin Ramon picks up a guitar for the finely tuned ballad.

"I wrote this song about an ex-friend of mine," says vocalist Caleb Rangel. "It's about me not holding grudges for the way things ended and simply wishing her the best. I only want her to be happy. The lyrics were influenced by a Snapchat story. Another friend of mine was going through something similar and was posting photos with captions that really got to me. I used a lot of her original words as lyrics in this song, after getting the 'okay' from her of course." Watch below and check out our recent interview with the band here.

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