Mason-Jar - Sound In The Signals Interview

I recently had the chance to interview Mason-Jar. Check out the full interview below.

First off, thanks for the interview.
Fred: Hey thanks for reaching out and supporting our band. We're extremely grateful that anybody would post about it.

For anyone who is not familiar with your band can you tell me how you got together and formed Mason-Jar?
Mason-Jar formed out of a place of frustration. I was bored, things weren't going too well with my job, and I was in a rocky relationship. One night, I was listening to the punk rock music I grew up listening to; the music I truly love. and I just felt that this is what I needed to do. I didn't want to compromise anything. Mason-Jar was going to be my expression. That night I picked up my guitar and began to write "Day Job". I booked studio time before I even had any songs fully arranged.

Two of you are from the band Cute Is What We Aim For. How has your experience in that band helped shape this band?
Well, my stand point on it is a little differently than Toms. I can only speak for myself. Shaant and I started Cute when I was 16 (He'll tell you differently, but the very first Cute song is a song titled "Don't Hesitate To Hate" that is just Shaant and I recording on Garageband). Anyway, being in that band helps me know exactly how I don't want this band to be. Cute had every opportunity in the world and fucked up almost every single one of them. I quit the band after we recorded our second album, and they haven't had a commercial release since. They have never released anything that anybody has ever cared about without my songwriting, and they never will.

Cute was a very weird thing. None of us ever liked touring with Shaant, we didn't like writing music as a band. It was a chore. Shaant would treat us like mere peasants (He gets more royalties than the rest of us) and always made us feel like we were replaceable. In Mason-Jar, we are all brothers and we are equals. Every single member of this band brings something to the table that is unique. I wouldn't want anybody else in this band except for Tom and Steve.

You just released your new song/video for "Day Job". I really like the early 2000s pop/punk vibe of the song. Can you tell me a little about the songwriting process?
Thank you! I sort of answered this one in the second question. Day Job just comes from a place of my frustration in life. With my relationship, with my job. I wanted the song to make people feel the way that my favorite bands made me feel when I was growing up. I never cared about school or anything at all. I just wanted to play my guitar, be in a band and hang out with my friends.

"Day Job" is the teaser song for an upcoming album. What can people expect from the album?
Yeah, Day Job is just one song off of an EP that we're recording next month with Jay Zubricky. The album is titled "Sleep It Off", which is basically a reminder for me to not get so worked up about shit. The album is going to be feel good, summer album. Fast, upbeat punk rock songs that are totally awful but hopefully make you feel something when you listen to them.

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?
I can't see.

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