Bowling For Soup - New Album Announcement

After their UK tour earlier this year, Bowling For Soup decided they were ready to make new music. They started a Pledge Campaign and they reached their goal in 9 days. What started as an EP is now an album. They plan to release Drunk Dynasty at the end of September. They plan to release it through the crowdfunding platform and they plan to give those who pledged access to exclusive rewards and a chance to be involved in the release cycle. You can pre-order it HERE.

When describing the album Jaret says, "when we decided to go into the studio this summer, I thought an EP was the best move. Not really for any reason other than time. I think the future for BFS is less music, more often. I hate waiting 2 years between releases. And I really like recording! An EP is usually like 5 songs. We recorded 8 already. So I said F--K IT! Drunk Dynasty is going to be 10 songs! Best of all, we aren’t increasing the price for the album on our pledge campaign. Folks can still go to www.drunkdynasty.com and get it for the EP price and be included in all the exclusive updates! In addition, I want to keep the price as low as possible when we release to the public! Either way, I am just SUPER stoked for everyone to hear this sh*t!"

They will also be joining Steel Panther and Buckcherry at a series of Arena shows in the UK this fall.

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