P.O.S. - We Don't Even Live Here (ALBUM REVIEW)

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P.O.S.’s new album We Don’t Even Live Here raises one big question: Have you heard a bigger, better hip-hop album this year? The answer is most likely no. This is the top of tops when it comes to P.O.S.’s music. At this point P.O.S. is really trying to top himself. I knew the bar had been set for him after hearing P.O.S.’s 2009 album Never Better. It would be nearly impossible to top the vibe, performance, and content of that album. With We Don’t Even Live Here P.O.S. doesn’t necessarily top his last album but the release is equal in comparison of quality.

Tough oftentimes jittery electronic influenced beats and well thought rhymes flow through the album making it an infectious listen on first listen. Possibly even a more infectious first listen than Never Better which felt heavy at first. Quality is always present and nothing on the album feels like filler.

This is a must have album. One of the best you will hear all year long. It proves P.O.S. is on a roll and he won’t be stopping anytime soon. This is one that lives up to the hype and deserves the praise.

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