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Le Grand Cru Know How To Develop A Community Through Creativity

If you’ve read my site over the last year or so you know I like to keep up with the up and coming artists, locations, and fashion. To anyone who’s been paying attention Seattle is on the rise. The scene is starting to remind me of the Chicago scene a couple years ago. They have some of the best up and coming hip hop acts as well as some good new rock acts. Seattle also has a great up and coming line in Le Grand Cru.

I’ve had the chance to talk with one of the owners of the line as well as have a few pieces sent to me and I have to say Seattle’s starting to look even better. I’m particularly fond of the “Sure Burt” tee. The color choices are great and it has a really crisp look. In fact the color choices are some of the best I’ve seen in a while. It definitely helps bring the logo tee to life. I also had the chance to check out the R&R shirt which can be seen on Fresh Espresso (Seattle hip hoppers on the rise) in the upcoming Le Grand Cru look book. It’s definitely a stand out design for the brand.

A question of any line, especially today seeing more and more lines come out, is what is the brand doing differently than other brands that makes them unique? I think this line captures something that some brands fail to capture which is the ability to surpass genres. These designs could easily fit in the hip hop culture, the rock culture, or with someone just looking for a fresh tee. Designs like the “Sure Burt” give off a vintage vibe while maintaining a current day fashion sense. I like knowing I could wear pieces like the “Sure Burt” or the “Classic Logo” tee anywhere and it fits into any situation I might be in.

I always like to talk about price when comparing urban (and again I use that term loosely) clothing lines and with Le Grand Cru I find the prices are fair for the products. The shirts are all printed on American Apparel, they run from $25-28 dollars which is a great price, and all shirts are tagged with a Le Grand Cru clothing tag. It seems crazy to talk tags but when dealing with the urban clothing world the truth is you never know what you are going to get quality wise.
At this point their online store mostly focuses on shirts. I’ve seen some limited “Tour Debut” hoodies that looked really cool. This is a line I’d like to see evolve like The Hundreds and move into more hoodies, sneakers, and goodies. I’d love to see what colorways the brand would choose for sneakers.

The best piece of advice I can give to everyone is jump on board before Seattle is officially declared hype central. By this point of the review you should really just ask one question: “Where can I get my Le Grand Cru Tee?” The answer is right here:


Standout Pieces:

“Sure Burt” Tee
“R & R” Tee
“Tour Debut” Tee

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