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I recently had the opportunity to interview Horror Section. We discussed recording their upcoming EP, the artwork, how ‘Fright Night’ inspired the EP, releasing cassettes and merch via Memorable But Not Honorable, the songs that will be exclusive on the cassette release, the inspiration behind upcoming song, “Until The End Of Time”, when to expect their new album, planning their album release show, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Thanks again for reaching out! 

You recently announced your new EP. Can you tell me about writing and recording it?

These songs were part of a larger batch of songs that were partially written pre-Covid. After a year or two of spinning we finally got traction and finished them up this year. Thankfully we're used to working long distance so the recording process wasn't too difficult. Tom recorded guitar and bass at his home and I worked with Gabe (drummer and studio engineer) on the vocals and drums. 

I’m a big ‘Fright Night’ fan and the artwork looks like it was inspired by that film. Who designed this artwork?

It definitely was! Ryan Dunn did the artwork using the X-Ray skull design by Devin Hill. 

Is ‘Fright Night’ the inspiration for all of the songs on the EP?

Yes. I knew the songs were going to be vampire themed when I was first getting inspiration. Fright Night came to mind immediately and I actually didn't want to go that route at first. These songs are a bit darker (as is most of our newer stuff) and I didn't think it was a good fit. But when I revisited the movie it made more and more sense. 

You’re working with Memorable But Not Honorable for the release. You’re releasing cassettes and exclusive merch. What can you tell me about those items so far?

We're doing a limited run of cassettes on blue or white shell in a slip case (basically like the cassingles of the past). We are also doing some exclusive shirts, stickers, and pins. Ideally we would also do vinyl but since that would be over a year away this is the best option to release music on a physical format in a unique and collectible way with killer art. 

Some of the songs will be cassette exclusives. What made you decide to make them exclusives? 

We have done an exclusive b side on vinyl in the past so it's not really new, we just haven't done this on cassette yet. To me the exclusive physical release songs are a thank you to our dedicated fans that buy all of our output. I'm not opposed to streaming at all but I've grown a bit annoyed at the expectation that everything we work on should be available day 1 for free. Like the exclusives in the past, however, I'm sure these will see the light of day on Collection III.

“Until The End Of Time” will be available on streaming services. Can you tell me about writing that song specifically?

Yes, that song should be streaming everywhere 9/1. That song was one I wrote in a very raw form on acoustic guitar and then sent to Tom who changed some things around and added a killer lead part. I knew the song would be darker and as I was revisiting Fright Night I honed in on the fear of Brewster knowing there was a vampire killing people but unable to convince the people around him. Fright Night can be such a fun movie at times but I enjoy turning things on their ear a bit in our music - in this case diving into the dread and fear moreso than the 'oh you're so cool Brewster!' vibe. 

You’ve also been teasing an upcoming album with a ‘Video Violence’ themed poster for the release show. What can you tell me about the album? Does it have anything to do with this EP or are the two totally separate things?

The new full length album should be coming out this fall. The songs on that are completely separate from the new EP. And you are right, the artwork is a nod to Video Violence while also a nod to our self titled LP artwork, but I wouldn't read into the Video Violence angle too much ...

How did you pick the line-up for the album release show?

Gabe (drummer) was the idea man for the openers. Since he records tons of bands he knows basically everyone in the St. Louis area. We knew we wanted one of Luke McNeill's bands (Copyrights, Hospital Job) and Starter Jackets were able to make that date work. Gabe has worked with locals Bruiser Queen who put on a great live show and Grave Neighbors are friends we've known for years.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thanks again for the opportunity to talk about our band! I'm excited to share our new music and play some shows again after a 3 year hiatus. This Halloween season is going to be great. Cheers. 

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