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I recently had the opportunity to interview Lil Lotus ahead of the release of his upcoming album, ‘ERRØR BØY’, which will be out August 20th via Epitaph Records. We discussed what he hopes fans take away from the album, why everything doesn’t have to be serious all the time, working with Travis Barker and John Feldmann, writing, recording, and filming the video for “Think of Me Tonight”, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Of course, thanks for having me! 

This album sounds and feels like you’ve made something pretty special and I think a lot of people are going to enjoy it. What were some of your goals when putting this album together? What would you like listeners to take away from it?

I think the best way I can say it is that I always just make what I want to make musically in the moment. When I was putting together this album I wanted to make a pop punk album-- so that's what we made. I usually make what I want off impulse-- there's no telling what the next project will be. I hope people will take away that I'm always pushing myself to do something different and interesting, but I hope people see that I try to make sure that what I'm putting out is fun. I think people forget that it doesn't have to be so serious all the time. And I hope that approach maybe inspires people who listen or follow me to do what they want to do and not overthink things. 

You had the chance to work with both John Feldmann and Travis Barker on this album. Both of them have been at the forefront of the current punk rock revival. How did it work out for you to work with them?

It was such a learning experience and it really put into perspective how big we were going for this album-- Travis and Feldy are both legends in the scene. They made it an exciting experience too. Them being excited about the project made me more excited about it. 

What do you think they each brought to the process?

With Feldmann, if I ever would say "oh that sounded dumb" talking about something I wrote, he would just be positive and say "no that sounded sick". He's a really positive guy and moved things forward. 

Travis and I got along really well too— everything he does is great, and besides the music it was cool to just get to talk to him about bands we both love. 

You recently released “Think of Me Tonight”. It’s my favorite song you’ve released so far. You worked with Feldmann on it. I read that you said the song came together quickly. Can you tell us more about the process of writing that song?

Yeah, it was basically that-- Feldmann started cutting all the instruments and then I just made it up as I went. It kind of just came to us that day. I wish there was more to say there, but it really felt like it just came to us so easily and quickly. 

I also really like the video. It has this great kind of summer, party, punk rock vibe to it. Who came up with the concept for the video and do you have a favorite moment from it?

Me and Pix3lface (the director) brainstormed on the idea of some cool party vibe. The whole thing was great to shoot because it was me and my friends having fun and acting like idiots. My favorite moment has to be my special moment with Danny Goo at the end of the video.

One thing I noticed about the album is that you continue to expand your sound and incorporate new influences. Was that a conscious decision on your part or did it come naturally during the writing and recording process?

Yeah, I think it's kind of what I said before about how I make what I want to make in the moment. It comes naturally in the writing and recording process. It's that and I guess it’s also a little bit influenced by what I listened to growing up and getting to bring that to music today. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Just want to add that I really appreciate and recognize everyone pushing for me right now. Seeing all the responses to the new music really means so much to me. 

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