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I recently had the opportunity to interview Jason Call of Daphne Loves Derby. We discussed the vinyl pressing of ‘On The Strength Of All Convinced’, which is being released today, an unreleased song that will be included on it, his favorite times in the band, how the ‘Odds and End’ EP was a labor of love and a final nod to the band, the possibility of playing shows in the future, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

You bet! It’s been such a blast reconnecting with old acquaintances and making new friends through the process of releasing new music. New music from a band that has been asleep for A LONG TIME. :)

Near Mint recently announced a vinyl pressing of ‘On The Strength Of All Convinced’ that is being released today. How closely did you work with the label on the release?

Very closely. A friend helped me recreate / update the artwork and we’ve been going back and forth on it for months to make sure it turned out perfect. I feel like we got the right balance of old and new and I am in love with how things look. Corey is also going through a lot of effort and care to make sure this is one of the coolest releases out there. We are also including an unreleased song from OTSOAC - A song that probably 10 people have ever heard. This release is going to be magical!

What can fans expect from the pressing in terms of packaging and variants?

Bringing this 2005 emo classic to vinyl for the first time in 16 years! This is is an all time favorite record of mine, that I've dreamt of owning on vinyl for years. The band and myself put a lot of work into this to make sure it's top notch quality all around.

Packaging Details:
-Updated Artwork
-Exclusive Bonus Track
-Re-Mastered For Vinyl
-Heavy Weight, Reverse Board Jackets
-Full Color Insert w/ Lyrics
-Japanese Obi Strips



Hammers And Hearts

A Year On An Airplane

Birthday Gallery

You Versus The Sea


Middle Middle

Pollen And Salt

If You're Lucky No One Will Get Hurt


What We Have Been Waiting For

Dirt Doesn't Travel (Bonus Track)

Hubris (Bonus Track)

Pressing Information

25 GITD Label Burst (Wax Mage)

50 Party Monster (Wax Mage)

200 Powder Blue Marble

300 Coke Bottle Clear w/ Yellow Smoke

20 Test Presses w/ Screen Printed Jackets

67 Japanese Obi-Strips

You also just released your ‘Odds & End’ EP. What went into putting that EP together?

This EP was 16 years in the making! These are all songs that we started together back in ’05. They are mostly songs that were intended for On The Strength of All Convinced but never made it onto the final version of the record. We all wrote the music together and recorded with Casey Bates (who recently won a Grammy!). Object Permanence had lyrics and melodies from Kenny. You can hear his OG vocals from the demo layered in the song a few times. Daphne Loved Derby was a song that we wrote on the same day as Hammers and Hearts and Sundays - it was SO fun to finish since we turned it into a bit of a homage to ALL the Daphne releases. There are probably 10 Daphne songs being referenced in the medley that makes a new song. Hopefully fans will have a fun time listening and remembering. The Hopeless Love cover was also a blast. I recently started a Discord server for everyone to share memories about the band and we created a channel for music collaboration and it just kind of happened. So many talented artists today were influenced by Daphne and it was fun to all get together to update the song. In total, over 100 people helped on this EP. It’s a labor of love and a final nod to the band. A little bit of closure for me and anyone who listened to the band over the years.

Do you have a favorite song from the EP that you were excited to release? Why? 

My favorite song from the EP is Living in Frames. This was the first song we wrote for OTSOAC, for some reason it didn’t fit on the album and I’ve dreamt of finishing it. Yvette Young commented on an instagram post and said that Daphne helped her learn guitar back in the day, which was a HUGE surprise. I’d been listening to her for years and to be able to talk to her was a treat. Her solo gives the song such a cool vibe. Working with CeeJ from Rome Hero Foxes was a dream. CeeJ heard the song and then said, “I got this.” They listened to Kenny’s lyrics and melodies for a few weeks and then wrote the lyrics and melody of the song (we only had music recorded). I feel like CeeJ did a better job than I, or Kenny could have done. It was SO fulfilling to be able to work on this with so many amazing artists.

I always remember Daphne Loves Derby as the band that became huge partially through your popularity on Purevolume. What do you think it was during that time that caused you to have so much success on that site?

I think it was just novelty… A lot of kids going through the same thing at the same time. We were just kids who got lucky. I think we also LOVED music and had so much fun making it. I don’t know what else to say other than that. We were just lucky. Also… maybe the weird name was clickbait to get people to check us out. :)

What are some of your favorite moments or memories from that time in the band?

Meeting amazing people and traveling the world as a teenager… It feels like a different life, but it was so fun to travel and feel love coming from so many sources. I still keep in touch with a lot of people I met while being in the band. It changed my life and that’s why I wanted to do this last EP… to give the band the goodbye it deserved. 

One question a lot of fans have since the release of the new EP and the new vinyl pressing is do you think you’d ever tour or write new music at any point in time?

That would be a dream! The band will not be active, but maybe someday we could play a few shows for fun. My dream is Kenny hears it and give us permission to do a slew of shows with someone like CeeJ from Rome Hero Foxes on lead. I think it would be a blast, but I’m not counting on anything more happening with DLD. I just wanted to be a historian that shared the last bit of the story.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you! I’m so happy that people still care. I will always keep the lights on. Will you spell check my stuff haha. Love you guys!

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  1. Thank you Jason for keeping Daphne Loves Derby alive. I'm from Russia and keep listening DLD since 2008. Thank you, Sound In The Signals for the interesting interview.