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We recently had the chance to interview Jake Langley of Handguns. Check out what he had to say about self-releasing their new album, possible plans for 2020, and more below. 

First off, thanks for the interview. 

No problem sorry it too so long for me to finish it.

Here we are at the start of a new year and decade. Can you tell us a bit about what the last decade meant to the band both personally and professionally?

For the better part of a decade we have been being chased by a giant man on a Peanut costume he follows us everywhere even into public restrooms. When confronted he usually just barks like a dog and hides the cameras he uses to film us. But sometimes he doesn’t know how react so he drops to the floor into a Derek Jeter stance like he is gonna field a ground ball but instead he uses it as a distracting approach to be able to kick us square in the bathing suit area ! 

The band has started this decade with a very solid release. You recently released your new album, ‘When The Light Burns Out’. What was it like to have the “classic” line-up back together for the album? Was there a change in how you worked together during the writing process from then to now? 

We wrote this record on the back of a old rusty school bus that our friend Miles converted into a penny slot machine arcade. We would blast death and black metal and smoke DMT out of a 15 mm socket that we turned into a gravity bong with a 3ltr bottle and a 5 gallon Lowes bucket. We took our time because honestly we had our “chance” to impress the music world and that ship has sailed. So now when we get the chance to make music or play shows we just do what feels good because quite frankly with the state of the world who knows when the chance will come again. Where as before we were younger more naive. Now we are older more able more pissed off way less ducks in a row way less shits to give. 

You put the album out on your own, which is amazing but can be quite hard at times.  What was it like going from being on a label to self releasing the new album? Can you describe the label experience and the experience of recording and releasing this album on your own? 

Being on a label is different for everyone who does it. It depends more on your relationship with the label owner than anything. So for us at this point it’s easier to ask each other who what where when how and why then have to bark up a ladder to try to make anything happen. Bluntly put we just wanna rip tunes. We don’t care about playing the industry games. One time we had been tasked with the challenge of roping a live dolphin with a twisted tea and a twizler rope. That was the day we realized that music industry needed real reform! 

Can you tell us about writing and recording the album? Can you walk us through the early days of conceptualizing the album and the process of creating it? 

Absolutely first we wrote a record then trashed it and wrote another one. We also got high off huffing highway line paint and forgot half of them so when we got to the studio we had to pay the band Such Gold to come in and track all of our parts. Listen to Such Gold. 

It has had a solid reaction from fans and critics. How do feel about the reception so far? 

Such Gold killed it I feel!

Besides this release, what can fans expect in 2020? A tour, new videos, new music, merch? 

Maybe a new LP? This time we wanna get Man Overboard to write and record it for us they might even release it as “Man Overboard” but make no mistake thats our record damnit! It’s gonna be titled “Corn Cobs Are Great Toilet Tissue”

You recently discussed places to tour with fans on Twitter and said “The best shows we have ever played weren’t in venues in cities they were in houses in towns. Travel to that “weird” date on a bands tour trust me they are always an awesome adventure!” What makes a great show for you? Can you tell us about some of those house shows? 

The best show we played was a private birthday party for Dj Jazzy Jeff’s tour manger. It was lit! Marco rode a four wheeler into the pool Nate played air hockey with the Crown Prince of Florida Taylor bare knuckle boxes Nicklebacks Ex Merch Guy. And I got an autographed copy of the death certificate for pop punk. Yep it’s dead , we killed it. 

Thanks, again. Do you have anything else you’d like to add? 

Wash your hands, with bleach. 

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