Ugly God Gives Update On Upcoming Mixtape

Read the update below.

Hey guys. So yeah. I'm so sorry for pushing back dates and I'm sorry for keep on saying sorry. And I'm telling you guys this because you guys are really my family. For one, X and Ski are no longer on my tape. Those are my brothers for life, but all three of us are doing so well right now and we are just doing our own things right now; grinding. We will work in the future now. Secondly, I am NOT SIGNED...but I do have a distribution situation. So just throwing music on soundcloud is kind of unprofessional. I have to get my music registered in a system so everything can drop on all streaming platforms instead of just dropping it for free on soundcloud like I use to, and it takes long as fuck for that to go through. I've made so much fire with Dex, Pump, Purp, Wintertime, Yachty, Ski, Wifi, and more! Like FIREEEE...but they didn't meet the deadline that I gave you guys for the tape so The Booty Tape will be damn near a solo project with no features. And I brought alot of my old music back! I know my music isn't for everyone, nor do I plan on it to ever be. My fans know how I am and WHO I am as a person, so we know them old ass niggas gon be pissed off when I drop that ignorant ass tape. 😂 So yeah I will make business moves with my career after this tape drops. Ya know...doing songs with bigger artists and doing big things with big DJs and all. I was the underground GOD and I've created so many waves its incredible. I'm in it for the people and to make everyone happy and to make people directly feel where I'm coming from. If I wasn't in it for the people, I'd just be rapping about jewelry and all that other shit, but that's superrrr wack if you ask me. That shit is only cool for so long until it gets old and played out. You notice how the biggest of the biggest artists don't talk about that kind of stuff? And you see their longevity? I'm really aiming to be the biggest artist there ever was. Even though chances are slim, it's still possible. Anyways, enough ranting. I love you guys so so so much, and if I didn't, I wouldve BEEN threw you guys some bullshit ass tape. Be patient with me okay? I got fire on top of fire on top of FIREEE. Just wait on it. Love u guys😘
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