Gold Route - 'Prosper' (Album Review)

The artwork for Gold Route's new album 'Prosper' really captured my attention when I first saw it. It is well done. The album title font works well with the cover image. It's always nice when artists have that attention grabbing artwork for their projects. It can sometimes be a deciding factor for initial listeners. I decided to give this album a listen in part because of the artwork.

After a few listens I found myself coming back to this as the songs really stuck with me. Gold Route's new album 'Prosper' is an album of crisp, energetic summer pop/punk. It's catchy and infectious while having a slight edge in a similar way the band The Story So Far does. It's a really good album for this time of the year. The first song on the album, "Ropes", has this nice driving melodic pace that really sets the vibe and flow of the album nicely. It's a good representation of the sound and mood of the album. The acoustic song "Peak" does offer a nice somber moment. I like the vocal performance on the song a lot. The production is good and flows really nicely.

Overall I think if you are a fan of post 2009s pop/punk you're really going to like this album. I definitely think if you like bands like Knuckle Puck and The Story So Far then this is going to be right up your alley. I'm enjoying this and think it's really solid and worth checking out!

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