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I recently had the chance to interview Super American. Check out the full interview below.

You just released your new EP 'Disposable'. Can you tell me a little about the writing and recording process of the EP? How long did you work on it?
Matt Cox: I had a bunch of songs written at the end of last winter, maybe 10-12, and Pat offered to help me with them. That probably couldn't have worked out any better - I've admired Pat's art and things he's made since we all got our start in a hollowed out skate park that thankfully doesn't exist anymore. We worked these ideas for a month or so and the two tracks to survive the gauntlet we're "Congratulations" and "Dearly Beloved". Then we started writing songs together, which gave way for tracks like "Sloppy Jazz" and "Rebel's Yell" (which originally was an ultra-indie track we later re-worked). Pat had songs of his own that we tailored and we took everything we had to GCR Audio here at home in Buffalo, NY with Jay Zubricky. It was May of last year and consistently warm for the first time. The creative process as a whole was incredibly collaborative on several levels and at times intentionally misguided. Our friends Fred and Rob also played on the record. The most fun I've ever had. Excited to do it again.

Were you pleased with the early reaction from the stream? Has anything listeners are saying surprised you at all?
It's always feels great for people to like anything you make so naturally it's awesome to hear the response thus far regardless of volume. We've been able to make a lot of friends this year by bringing a pineapple with us to social events and taking their photo holding it. For people to embrace that, let alone not call the cops, is encouraging to say the least and prompts us not to shy away from our own ideas. That principle in itself is what we find most satisfying.

I really like the sound of the guitars on the EP. What guitars and gear did you use for the EP to get the sound? How long did you spend in the studio on getting the right guitar sound?
Thank you. We used a Marshall JCM 900 with all overdrive coming from the rig itself, no pedals, most times layered with a jangly, clean tone coming from a Matchless. The fiddles of choice were an American Strat and a Gibson SG for parts that needed a brute touch. I think we spent a full day going through and sorting out all of our options before ultimately landing there.

"Congratulations" is one of my favorite songs on the new EP. For me it's a great, upbeat spring/summer song. Can you tell me a little about writing that song specifically. How long did you work on the music and lyrics for the song?
Appreciate that. Writing that song was unique in the sense that it ended up developing upon two separate instances while visiting friends at a college I went to at one point. I went to a Catholic University, and I really like that, but I managed to get all of my sinning out there and ultimately did not see it through. I was back visiting friends and wrote the first half sitting in my friend Chris' room while everyone went to a basketball game and the second half on the living room floor of the same house months later when visiting again. Inserting myself back into that environment was always a guarantee to make me miss everyone and everything that was there, while simultaneously disapproving the person I was while I attended. It's an ironic circumstance, and every time I went back, I felt like shit.

The artwork for the EP is great. I really like the pineapple and the roller blades. Who came up with the concept for the artwork and why did you think it fit the EP?
Thank you. The Pineapple is something Pat and I have had. It makes us feel a certain way. The rollerblades are actually my friend Danny's, I used them while playing street hockey once. I was immediately aesthetically attached to them but originally wasn't sure what for. Our friends Brett Mikoll and Andy DeLuca did our album art. Andy took the cover photo while we spit-balled ideas. Andy being Andy. Brett led us visually and also designed the physical packaging. It looks great. Those two are always saving our ass.
What's coming up for you after you release the EP?
We're playing some shows at the end of May with an awesome band called Ugly Sun - spin it sometime, as well as a bunch of shows in June which we'll announce soon. Other than that, just keep making stuff.

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Thank you for having me and thank you very much for checking out our record. I'd like to welcome everyone to the year of the pineapple where Outback is the new Chili's and all of your wildest dreams come true.

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