Gnarwolves - "Wires" (Song Review)

Gnarwolves announced their new album 'Outsiders' this week and with the announcement released their new single "Wires". I've been a casual to moderate listener of Gnarwolves for a while and was pretty interested to check out "Wires".

I think after a few listens I'm feeling like this is either the best song or in the top two or three songs this band has ever released. The great thing about "Wires" is that it really appeals to a few different variations of the "punk" sound. I think if you are a fan of the poppier side of punk like The Story So Far, The Wonder Years, or  Knuckle Puck then this will appeal to you. Likewise if you are a fan of the more abrasive side of the genre like PUP then this should also appeal to you.  The vocals have a nice pop edge while the music, although catchy, also has some nice more abrasive sounding moments. I think the production and mixing is spot on for this song. It really helps bring out a lot of the sonic qualities.

I think "Wires" is a great first single from 'Outsiders'. For me, the song builds some good anticipation for the upcoming album. I think it's a solid song and I think that it will find its way into my playlist rotation. I would definitely recommend checking this out.

Pre-order the bands new album: HERE.

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