DozerTX - Share New Song & EP Details

San Angelo, TX based band, DozerTX shared new song "Fixated" from their upcoming EP, Centerpiece, which is due out March 10th. The EP deals with toxic relationships. Miles Mcmillan says of the release "never be afraid to put your happiness above someone else's, especially if you aren't happy with your life. Don't let someone you love abuse you physically, verbally, or mentally and think it's okay, stand up for yourself."

The band added that all the music for "Fixated" "was written by Eli. We all just kinda let him get to it. This song is about moving on after putting time and effort into someone who isn't worth it. Regular life is stressful enough and then something like heartbreak happens and makes everything all the worse. This song is about picking up the pieces after a heartbreak and moving on the best you can. Just keep your distance and move on. It's tough but it's ultimately better for you." Listen to "Fixated" below and pre-order the EP here.

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