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I recently had the chance to interview darkDARK. Check out the full interview below!

For those unfamiliar with darkDARK can you tell me a little about how you got together and formed the project? What got you interested in music?

Hey guys, for sure! We were introduced over email by a mutual friend and started working on commercial projects together. The first thing we produced together was a remix for Universal and it was at that point that we realized our tastes and writing styles meshed in a unique way, and we were inspired to jump full-on into writing what would later become the Heathered EP.

Both of us just had a need to make music as kids. Growing up Chris was influenced by his older sister who was always recommending new tapes (Depeche Mode, New Order, Pearl Jam), and Genevieve was always harmonizing with the radio and making up songs on the family piano. You don’t really think about it, you just do it because it makes you happy.

Your new EP will be out the last week of February. What was the recording process like and how long did you work on it?

Yes! We’re super excited about our EP, Heathered.  We live in different cities – so since we’re rarely in the same room, we pass files back and forth over Dropbox constantly.  One of us will start something, and the other takes over.  When writing lyrics we try to collaborate as much as possible, but we tweak and shift things as needed once we are together. The EP took the better part of the year to write, record, and mix (which we did ourselves.) Our aesthetic is pretty detailed, so we take our time dialing things in. One thing we’ve found that absolutely helps our overall songwriting process is we imagine each track as a place, or setting - that way, we have a collective vision that we can always refer back to when honing the track.

You recently released "Restless". Why did you decide to pick that song as a single?

We had a feeling “Restless” would catch people’s ears. The message is clear and grabs your heartstrings with Haley’s voice, so we were really happy with how the track came out. This is our first EP so we have been releasing singles every few weeks to pick up some traction. We were really excited about how well-received Restless was.

Haley Bonar is featured on "Restless". What was it like working with her and what made you decide that you wanted to feature her on the song?

Working with Haley was awesome. She’s a total pro, walks in, has a concept and throws down an amazing vocal. We immediately loved the way Haley’s voice sounded over our music - so hauntingly beautiful and fierce at the same time.

After the EP is released what do you have coming up in 2017?

We’re releasing two animated videos off our EP in the coming weeks for “Shelter” and “Stay Close” that we’re ridiculously excited about.  Plus, brand new material in the works, collaborations with other vocalists, a Heathered remix record, and some showcases on the horizon!

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Thank you!  Yes! Our animated video for “Moments” is up - its beautiful and absolutely worth checking out.  Our good friend and collaborator George Harbeson illustrated and animated the entire thing.  Remo Camerota will be directing and animating the Shelter video using Tilt-Brush VR, and we’re super excited to share it, as well. We love visual art, especially the interaction between sound and visuals.  Its super important to us to collaborate with visual artists, and create amazing accompanying visual content for our music.

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