Less Than Jake - "Things Change" (Song Review)

Less Than Jake is kicking off 2017 in a big way with their new EP, Sound The Alarm. The EP is also being released through pop/punk/emo powerhouse label, Pure Noise Records. I thought it was a really great fit when I heard the band had signed to Pure Noise. The label worked wonders for Masked Intruder last year and helped them to release a really great EP. I also thought it was unique that Pure Noise, a label most known for young talent, was teaming up with one of the punk communities most revered veteran bands. First single "Things Change" is a big single. You can almost always count on LTJ to deliver solid music, but this single sounds like a kick in the teeth with energy. It sounds like some new life blood has been pumped into the band. It's energetic, fun, and the horns are blaring. The great lyrics flow over ska riffs, pounding drums, and plenty of horns. I really like how the lyrics are very introspective and very well thought out. Honestly this might be the strongest single this band has released in quite a while. I'd highly recommend checking it out and adding their new EP to your anticipated list. If this song is any indication then their new EP is going to be great. Pre-Order the band's new EP Sound The Alarm HERE.

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