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UK trio, Black Foxxes, are proving to be a band to watch. Their debut LP came out in August via Search and Destroy and Spinefarm Records. They aim "to play what comes naturally, as loud as possible and with absolutely no gimmicks involved". They were kind enough to tell us why working with producer Adrian Bushby was key, how "Whatever Lets You Cope" captures an image that will always last, and why the upcoming tour could be the best shows.

Black Foxxes released debut EP Pines in 2014 and debut LP I'm Not Well in August. You're gaining a following among fans and critics, which is not surprising. Tell us more about your background and music for those who may not be familiar with the band.

I've been playing guitar for as long as i can remember. I think my first acoustic was at 6, so i went from there. Black Foxxes started pretty late on, only a few years ago in a scout hut in Plymouth. We still practice there, its always cold, and it makes us write sad songs. We love it :D

Your debut LP I'm Not Well recently came out. Tell us about writing and recording the album. Any key moments during the process? How did the process differ from when you were writing and recording Pines?

I honestly had so much fun recording this record. It was really really hard work at times, and i definitely pushed myself too far mentally on a few occasions. But i think recording is my favourite part of being in a band, seeing how a song develops in front of you is such a cool feeling. I think the key moment was just getting on board with Adrian Bushby (producer) early, i've never clicked with a guy like i did Ade before and it was such a wicked experience.

The cover artwork for the album is neat. Who came up with the design?

Dan.P.Carter - he is the man.

You recently debuted your video for "Whatever Lets You Cope" via Red Bull. It's such an interesting video. How did you come up with the idea?

We've got a really good friend of ours internally that shoots all our videos, and he just came up with this wicked concept. Everything was shot only 40 minutes from our homes as well so its a nice fit in that respect.

When describing "Whatever Lets You Cope", frontman Mark Holley described being in a beautiful countryside village and seeing a woman lying on the beach who was under the influence. He said "it was a surreal contrast to see this beautiful, idyllic scenery with this lady at the forefront of it. It really stuck in my mind. The song is about the illness of addiction and the moment the drug hits". What a contrasting image to draw inspiration from. Do you often find inspiration from stories around you?

Honestly, no. This was the first time i've really done it and i was stoked on the process. Everything happened by chance with that song, and i was really fortunate to be able to roll with it. I wrote the entire thing lyrically on the holiday. That image will always stay with me, and i wanted to be able to put that into words.

You're planning a US tour this September. You're going to New York, Brooklyn, The Viper Room in LA and you're making an appearance at Chicago's Riot Fest. Are you excited to get out there and play the new songs? What can fans look forward to at a Black Foxxes show?

Excited and terrified. My anxiety levels are at an insane high about this trip, but at the same time its conflicting because its all i've ever dreamed of. I think the shows are going to be absolutely wild. I'm going to be a little ball of raw emotion on those stages, i imagine most of the time i'll be shit scared.. But that usually means they'll be the best shows.

You just finished touring with Milk Teeth and Nothing But Thieves and will be touring in the UK with Lower Than Atlantis and touring in the US in September. Any teases for fans while they wait for the tour? How can they keep up with the band?

Social media baby! I'm really active on all the social sites, and i imagine we'll be getting some hilarious pictures of Tristan being Tristan on these tours.

Thanks for the interview. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for the time. Go and buy our album, give us a chance yeh! Cheers 'en 'orse.

Find I'm Not Well on iTunes and physical copies and merch HERE.

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