Fader - You're Guilty For Killing Me (Quick Review)

Fader's sound is reminiscent of bands like Name Taken and The Early November while merging it with the sound of bands like WSTR and Neck Deep on their new EP, You're Guilty For Killing Me. They have created an EP that has its roots in pop/punk with some noticeable emo influences. The five tracks flow nicely and the songs are catchy and well written. The vocal performance is noteworthy and one of my favorite things about this release. I like how the singer really adds a lot of emotion and intensity to the music while the guitars are smooth and catchy and really guide the EP in a nice way. The drums are mixed well and hit pretty hard in a couple spots. The lyrics are creative and are really well thought out. "Constellations" sticks out as one of the best songs on the EP as it showcases the style this band is going for pretty nicely. I really like when the band switch gears at the end of the song and there is a really interesting sounding transitioning guitar riff. It sticks out as one of the neat musical moments on this EP. This is a fun summer EP and it's worth checking out!

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