Capsize – 'A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me' – Artwork Feature

Post-hardcore quartet, Capsize are gearing up to release A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me via Rude Records on July 22nd. They've released three singles "XX (Sew My Eyes)", "I Think It’s Best We Don’t Talk Anymore", and "Tear Me Apart". When describing the album, vocalist Daniel Wand said, "for this album, I wanted to write lyrics that I felt like I needed to hear, or would have liked to have heard at certain times in my life that I have only just recently worked through enough to put into words. The title represents what the album does for the band, and me personally. It's a reintroduction of who we are as a band, in reference to the things that have led to this point in my life". Read below for Wand's insight into the creation of the album's artwork.

"I found Henrik when Chelsea Wolfe released "Abyss" and tagged him as the artist behind the work. The cover is one of his original paintings and I purchased it from him as the cover and used that as a starting point to make the art. I then got with a friend named Alex Miracle to free-paint more canvases that I turned into the pages and did the layout myself and had our label's artist (and absolute legend) Bill Scoville help me make the custom textured slip cover piece that collects the final bits together. It was a group effort and everyone involved absolutely killed it.

The main thing I hope people take away from the art is that a lot of hours went into it from multiple people to complete an idea that couldn't be perfectly explained when I started it, but as it came together, I realized exactly what it was meant to be - and is."

Pre-order A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me on iTunes and physical copies HERE.

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