Sound In The Signals - Issue Of The Month: All New X-Men #05 (February 2016)

It's time for another issue of the month when I pick one issue from any current running comic series to highlight. For February 2016 I decided to pick All New X-Men, issue 05. Read the full feature after the jump.

 The original five X-Men have been stuck in the future (present for us) a while now and when it was revealed they'd be sticking around after Secret Wars I honestly thought it might get a little tedious still having them around, but it hasn't. Their continued presence not only adds a ton to the story, but it reminds me of the way these characters were originally presented, the changes they've gone through, and how they've changed in the current Marvel climate. All-New X-Men is engaging, entertaining, fast paced, and in a way reminds me of that youthfulness you used to find in those older Ultimate Marvel Comics series. That with the addition of characters like the new Wolverine (X-23) and some of the students you used to see in the Wolverine And The X-Men series it helps the series appeal to a more youthful side of the X-Men that the other prominent X-Men series most notably Uncanny X-Men and Extraordinary X-Men don't always have the time to do. That's not a knock on either series. I like them both, but this series finds its own path and story and it's a very good one so far. This issue continues those trends, adds an interesting rift in Wolverine and Angel's dating story line, and reminds me of why these original X-Men (except for Jean Grey who is in Extraordinary X-Men) were and still are vital and interesting parts of the X-Men universe. Plus it interestingly enough pits these classic X-Men characters against a classic villain, The Blob. It's definitely a little fan service to older fans and a pretty fun battle and overall issue.

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