Lou The Human - "Brink" (Single Review)

As Lou The Human prepares for the release of his upcoming EP, Humaniac, he dropped the first single and video for his song, "Brink". Lou is most notably known for his work as a producer with artists like The Underachievers and Jazz Cartier. The start of the new year always brings tons of new singles, but a lot tend to get passed over. A lot of artists want that January hype! With that being said I think the video that accompanied this and some of the stuff that I heard about how neat the video was inspired me to click play on both the video and the song.

"Brink" is a slice of underground rap with a slightly grimy feeling that is very reminiscent of early Eminem and early Earl Sweatshirt. Sweatshirt's early work was also obviously influenced by Eminem, but his flow was very different. The comparison of Lou sounding similar to Earl comes in the way that he flows. The comparison to Eminem comes in the type of lyrical content and subject matter that he's tackling (similar to Earl). The song eerily reminds me of Eminem's song "Role Model", in a lot of ways. The beat is smooth and catchy, but it also has kind of an eerie vibe and pace that sounds like it could be found in a horror movie soundtrack. It's plodding and compliments Lou's rapping ability. The video that dropped with the song is a one shot video. It's simple, interesting, and lo-fi in a way that made all the original Odd Future videos Internet sensations.

Overall Lou The Human has dropped one of the right out the gate, more interesting rap tracks now in early 2016. The content may not be for everyone, but his ability to craft a well constructed rap song is on point. I think this track does what it should do and that is ultimately set the stage for his upcoming EP. Check this one out; don't miss it!

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