Six Time Champion - Sound In The Signals Interview

I recently had the chance to interview Six Time Champion. Check out the full interview after the jump!

Your new EP Expecting Honesty just came out. What has the response been like so far and have you been pleased?

We couldn’t be happier with the response we’ve had so far! There have been some great reviews coming in and we’ve had had a lot of positive feedback from new and existing fans. We’ve been sat on this EP for a little while now, so we’re stoked that it’s finally out there for everyone to enjoy.

How long did you work on Expecting Honesty and what were some of your favorite parts of the recording experience?

After a good few months of writing and road testing the new songs, Expecting Honesty was recorded over seven days with Lewis Johns at The Ranch Production House in Southampton - We basically lived at the studio for a week, spending our days tracking the EP and our evenings eating pizza and tormenting each other!

As for the recording experience - being a guitarist it’s always fun having the chance to mess with tones and effects etc. but overall I just love hearing the songs properly come together when we’re in the studio. The transformation from sketchy bedroom demos to massive sounding songs is awesome.

You put together a video for the title track that compiles a lot of interesting footage. When was all the footage filmed and how did you decide what you would compile for the video?

It all came about quite randomly to be honest! We’d taken a GoPro along with us to the studio to document our time there, and naturally everyone ended up messing around with it at every opportunity. Our plan of filming a ‘making of’ quickly turned into us producing a music video.

After getting back from the studio and watching everything we’d filmed that week, we just thought the mix of candid clips along with the proper studio footage would be a nice little insight into us as a band, whilst still showing what went down during the time we spent recording the new EP.

The artwork for the new EP is pretty interesting. What is the symbolic meaning of it and how does it relate the the themes and lyrical content of the EP?

The artwork is largely based around a single line from 'Dragging My Feet', the line reads as "although the smoke might fill your lungs, in the ashes you'll find gold". Our drummer Rich originally came up with the idea and portrayed it using rice and a lighter, then our good friend Jake Ratcliffe took charge and turned it into something awesome which we all loved.

If you had to pick one new song off the EP to recommend people to check out as a good first taste of your band and music what song would you pick and why?

I think the title track ‘Expecting Honesty’ is probably a good place to start. It was definitely one of the stand-out tracks during recording, and covers a good spectrum of our sound in one track. Personally, I love ‘Separation’ too, it’s such a fun song to play live and is a hard hitter right from the off.

What's coming up for you guys and what all do you have planned in 2015?

We’re currently in the middle of booking a few shows to kick start the New Year and will be looking to play as many gigs as we can. No doubt we’ll end up working on some new material too!

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Just thanks to everyone that’s taken the time to check us out!  We’re looking forward to seeing some new and familiar faces on the road in 2015!

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