New Years Day - Epidemic (EP Review)

Listening to and looking at the current and past version of New Years Day is pretty drastically different. When New Years Day released their first full length album they had Drive Thru pop/punk veteran Adam Lohrbach in the band and had a much more "upbeat" pop/punkier sound. The line-up has shifted throughout the years (Lorbach left the band long ago). The band's music has gone in the direction of a more gothic rock band vibe with heavier sounding music and with a hard rock slightly metal edge. I keep thinking of band's like Aiden, maybe some hints of older AFI, and My Chemical Romance in their Three Cheers... days to describe this band's current image and sound.

I'm all for changing your dynamic and sound. An artist and/or band can't be afraid to advance and change with their taste and interest. It really doesn't bother me that the band has become something drastically different since those early days as I am a supporter of artists making the decisions that make them happy. Ash Costello, lead vocalist, has been the main constant member. She also continues to show why she's the most important piece of the NYD puzzle. Her vocals are without a doubt the most important part of this band. She is an enigmatic front woman with a really good vocal ability. The band does a more than admirable job backing her up. As a unit they do a more than fine job of creating the current style.

Now, given all that, I can honestly say I'm not the biggest fan of where this band has gone style wise. I feel like I've waved goodbye to the appeal of it about ten years ago when My Chemical Romance was doing it and Aiden was riding their coattails. I'm sure this EP will find an audience and have many people stoked. The band has the talent. I was a big fan of their debut album, but the newer music has failed to capture me as a listener the way that debut album did and this release is no different. I see and hear the talent; I just can't get into it. Some of that probably has to do with my age or at least I think it might. It may also have more to do with my taste in music as I've gotten older. That being said this isn't bad. It just isn't my cup of tea. It's well produced and well thought out. The band adds a few interesting bells and whistles here and there. The EP captures a vibe and mood which I think fans of the style will really enjoy. The cover art fits nicely with the theme.  If you've enjoyed anything from New Years Day post that debut album then I feel like you'll like this new EP.

Overall this one doesn't give me much to come back to. I still feel like Ash Costello is really talented and a good vocalist and that the band does a good job backing her up. This is a well put together project, but it just isn't for me. I'd say check this out if you are a big fan of some of the early My Chemical Romance albums, a big fan of any of the Aiden albums, or you really get into music that teeters into the territory of gothic pop/rock/metal. It may not be for me, but it could be for you!

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