Titanics - Sound In The Signals Interview

I recently had the chance to interview Titanics. Check out the full interview after the jump.

For anyone not familiar with your band can you tell me a little about how you got started and what got you into music?
Mark Lombardo: Derek and I have been friends for 10 years. I locked myself in a shed on my parent's property in 2012 to make the most honest music I could. I had him play guitar on the tracks and our debut Soft Treasure was born.

Tell me a little bit about the recording process of Deeper and how long you worked on it?
We record everything in our Albany apartment. Everything is very loud and we experiment with sounds constantly. We usually record late at night. Most of the ideas were demos or beats that I had made that we grew into real songs. The best songs usually happen the quickest or the most natural.

"Move Slow" is a really neat song and I really like how the music and vocals were done on the song. What was the writing process like for that song in particular?
Move Slow was inspired by a photo I saw of a blonde girl that played the harp. I wrote that song in about 20 minutes. We aim for rich and lush music - this song is quintessential Titanics.

I like the cover image for the EP. What is the story behind the cover image and why did you decide to pick it as your EP artwork?
The cover was taken on a lock of the Erie Canal. We live in Upstate New York so our vibe and inspiration typically comes from the deep woods. We feel very uncomfortable, frustrated and uninspired by a dull city like New York, so we seek refuge and inspiration for our songs in the woods.

What's a personal favorite song of yours off the new EP? What song would you recommend to listeners?
"Terrain". It is the most beautiful. I think of the desert when I hear that song.

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Thomas Mann once wrote : "I'd rather participate in life than write 100 stories."
Purchase Titanics new EP Deeper: HERE.

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