Talking Music: Any Album/Any Era/Any Genre (May 2014)

It's time again for the monthly weekend feature where I pick albums from any era or genre and briefly discuss why I think they are awesome. Check out the albums I picked to talk about this month after the jump!

The Devil Wears Prada - With Roots Above And Branches Below
Released In 2009

The current metalcore scene has less than impressed me over the last five or so years. I just can't seem to find many bands I think are worthwhile. TDWP is on the list of bands I can enjoy. I like the band's previous two albums, but this is the release that really caught my attention and made me think this band could be something that lasts (their subsequent albums have all been pretty good IMO). I like the heaviness of this album. I like the screaming and clean vocals. The artwork is interesting. It's got some depth to it lyrically. Overall, it’s an album I enjoy. 

J. Dilla - Donuts
Released In 2006

This album is a great listening experience from one of the late and great producers. This is the kind of album I just hit start and let it play through. To me the flow is part of the creativity. The beats are so good and so well thought out. It's insanely well done. It's has a great vibe and it's just neat, creative, and influential. I think this is probably my favorite J. Dilla project.

The Academy Is... - Almost Here
Released In 2005

This was my favorite album of the year when it was released. I was writing for a website at the time and it was number 1 on my best of list. I still think this album is awesome. Every song on it is great. I guess I would consider this an alternative rock album that leans more towards emo/punk. This is my favorite album by this band and it's an album I can still put on and listen to all the way through. 

U-N-I - A Love Supreme
Released In 2009

This hip hop duo was great. These guys were part of the "hipster" rap era that included other similar acts like The Cool Kids and PacDiv. This album is really cool. It has awesome performances from the MC's and Ro Blvd produced the entire album. I prefer the standard version of this album to the re-released deluxe version (the standard version was released as a free album - while the deluxe saw a retail release). I really liked a lot of hip-hop/rap acts around this time. It's a shame these guys broke up a while back. I was hoping they'd follow up this release with another awesome album.

Stick Together - No More Second Chances
Released In 2014

This is a new release sort of. This is basically a release that compiles the groups first two EPs. I've been listening to this a ton lately and I really like that the label went in and remastered all the stuff for this release and added some new stuff. This is great straight edge youth crew inspired hardcore. Sound wise think Youth Of Today, Judge, Bold, and new band wise Turnstile. It’s a really cool release. It’s not a traditional album because it combines two EP's but it’s still really cool.

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
Released In 1991

Shoegaze is a genre that I think some people have a hard time appreciating. It's sort of noisy, the vocals tend to be buried, and it's kind of an arty music. Loveless is an album that really utilizes some unique sounds. I think the way the guitars are used on this album is so cool. It's basically a classic album for the style. If you've never heard this you should definitely check it out.

2 Pac - All Eyez On Me
Released In 1996

This is one of the most essential 90s rap albums. It's 27 songs of  some of the best rap music you will ever hear. It's one of the biggest 90s "gangsta rap" era albums. The album came out on Death Row and features some essential 90s hip-hop/rap artists like Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. This is one of a handful of albums that really defined 90s hip-hop/rap music.

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