Sound In The Signals - Issue Of The Month (February 2014)

It's time for another issue of the month when I pick one issue of the current month from any current running comic series to highlight. So many good issues came out this month so it was a little tough to pick.

I decided my February pick of the month is Coffin Hill issue 05. This is a really interesting series that reads a little like a T.V. series. Each issue has a pretty episodic feel. It has supernatural elements and a interesting story that has a lot of mystery around all the characters. Piece by piece the reader learns a little more with each issue. This issue has some pretty interesting story developments and an interesting fight scene between lead character Eve Coffin and a possessed friend.  The artwork is good and it adds a lot to the storytelling.
Coffin Hill Issue 05 Cover

It's an interesting series and this issue is worth checking out. It's definitely on the mature side and I wouldn't recommend it to a younger audience.

If you missed it check out the January issue of the month here:


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