New Found Glory - Kill It Live (Album Artwork/Track List)

This will be out October 08, 2013. Check out the full album artwork and track list after the jump.

1. Intro
2. Understatement
3. Don’t Let Her Pull You Down
4. All Downhill From Here
5. Anthem For The Unwanted
6. At Least I’m Known For Something
7. Sonny
8. Something I Call Personality
9. Boy Crazy
10. Tip Of The Iceberg
11. Coming Home
12. Forget My Name
13. Sincerely Me
14. Hit or Miss
15. Truth Of My Youth
16. The Story So Far
17. My Friends Over You
18. I Want To Believen (new song)
19. Connect The Dots (new song)
20. First Bite (new song)

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