Shooter Jennings - Outlaw You (SONG REVIEW)

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I don't review many singles on the site. When I do it is usually for songs I truly believe are great. Shooter Jennings "Outlaw You" is one of the must have country songs of the year. It's a standout track for Shooter and has the potential to be one of his biggest singles in a while.

After listening to the song it is clear Shooter gets it. He's an honest musician who delivers an honest song. The video and song itself are currently being shown on CMT, although it is rare for this channel to feature a song from musicians who do not candy coat their lyrics. You won't find some of the cheesy radio driven lyrics that can often be found on country radio and what the modern day country music listener would believe to be the "real" country. "Outlaw You" is the alternative. It's really a call to anyone who appreciates authentic lyrics and is tired of getting lured in by the image of an artist only to find little to no substance in the music. This song is substance not image. You don't have to see Shooter or think he looks "cool" to get it. You just have to hear the song. This track is about the music and that is the way it should be.

The music itself is Shooter at his best. It is well written and catchy. It provides just the right amount of style and substance to appeal to new listeners, but also to give old fans what they want.

Shooter has always had a knack for writing good singles and this one is no different. It's an honest refreshing song from an artist who has stuck to his guns and continues to do things his way without conformity. I dare you to listen to the song and not find yourself singing the chorus and thinking of all the many musicians you'd like to outlaw due to their fake images (I can think of about five just writing this...but I won't name names). If you aren't a Shooter fan I think this one may turn you around a bit and if you are a fan this song is a fine addition to Shooter's catalog.

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