Muddy Roots Music Festival - Sound In The Signals Interview

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Can you tell me a little about the Muddy Roots Music Festival how you came up with the idea? What the goal of the festival’s goal is?
Jason: My brother and I have been putting on events for years but nothing of this size. We basically wanted a place for all the bands we love to come and play. All other festivals have these guys on the side stage, if at all and I thought it would be cool to give them a home of their own. We talk daily on how to provide a festival setting on a working class budget. We aren't wealthy festival financiers, we've got day jobs. With strong support from the community and our friends this has become a real deal pilgrimage of hard working folks who want something real and down home.

How is the festival set up for fans meaning do you have multiple stages and if so who is sponsoring the stages?
Right now we have 2 stages. This is an ever evolving festival so who knows if we will be able to add a third? If a sponsor stepped in and helped with one we would add it. We are currently getting support from savingcountrymusic.com, Hillgrass Bluebilly, Farmageddon Records, Nashville Coffee, Green Solar Shelters, Bayport BBQ, and Bloodshot Records.

This year you have already announced so many great artists with more to come how to choose the artists for the festival and what artists haven’t signed yet that you’d love to see play the festival this year?
I start off booking the bands I like. Big corporate festivals book artists based on record sales and popularity, we book based on talent and spirit. There are a ton of bands I'd like to play but haven't been able to book just yet. Some are out of reach like Tom Waits and Gogol Bordello, some have conflicting schedules like Hank 3 or Scott H. Biram.

I have to ask about this. Recently the announcement of the new genre XXX and the push for a XXX festival has fired up some of the country and roots underground alliance. Many people believe instead of a new festival for XXX that those artists should get behind Muddy Roots. Could you kind of let people know what your stance is on a second festival? Would you be interested in having artists pushing for the XXX festival play Muddy Roots?
I of course would like the support first from XXX before I support them. We are working hard to fight the good fight and have yet to break even. I think if your heart is behind promoting the underground and not exploiting it you should be more hands on. I don't know much about Shooter but I do know I've never scene him at a show. I don't know anybody who has toured with him, I haven't scene him hanging out at our festivals, and I don't know him personally. As far as the artists go, I already work with some of them printing merch and in booking. I think it would be great for another festival, I'd even like to assist with it but there needs to be more support on that end first. People in our crowds make you pay your dues and prove yourself. So do it.

Some of the biggest headliners for the festival have yet to be announced. Could you give us any hints on some of the bigger names that might take the stage this year?
If I told you I'd be attacked by ninjas and would disappear Jimmy Hoffa style.

To anyone who is on the fence about attending the festival this year why would you encourage people to make the trek to your festival and purchase the ticket?
Some people come for a good time, some to show support, and some are just coming home. I personally like being down Tennessee back roads, on private property owned by biker badasses, and hanging with all my favorite bands. No rock star attitudes here, we are all friends.

If you are an artists that is interested in playing the festival how would be the best way to earn a spot this year?
There aren't any spots left this year. We were flooded with bands. I hope to grow big enough to be able to fit more bands in the future. The more people that show up the more money we will have for bands.

I was wondering if you could let our readers know the basic information on where they can find ticket information and I also hear there are some overnight accommodations that are setup for the festival?
Early bird tickets are $55 and can be found online at www.muddyrootsmusic.com It is B.Y.O.B., camping and free hot showers included. You can also stay at the Key West Inn 15 miles away for $46 a night. You need to call them and let them know you want the Muddy Roots Fest discount. (931) 525-1110

I guess that about wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have any closing comments you’d like to make?
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