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Your new EP My Beautiful Friends is coming out this summer. Can you tell me a little about the recording process of the new EP and what went into the recording? How will the new EP differ from your last EP HopE.P.assion?
We are recording My Beautiful Friends EP with our friend Tim Lemos in Florida. For this EP, we've done more pre-production to get a feel for the songs and how they sound recorded. We want this EP to be a better representation of the band; as cliche as that sounds, it's true.We've always heard that we sound like an early 2000's band and for this EP, we decided to embrace this instead of trying to fight it. I've come to the conclusion it's just how we write music. Haha.

You just released a new track off your new EP called “The Office” have you been pleased with the response so far and how does this song and the others songs on the EP resemble each other or differ?
We've been really pumped on the response (van mosh galore.) It's been the fastest and best response to anything we've ever done before. I believe we had 500 plays in less than 24 hours and our Twitter was going nuts for a little bit., it floored me. The Office is the first song written for the EP and it was the first song we took in a different direction from HopE.P.assion. Lyrically speaking, The Office is about me realizing that I have an amazing support system of friends both back home and now, on the road. I used to spend a lot of time focusing on people who didn't want to be in my life, (girlfriends, negative critics of the band…) instead of focusing on the aforementioned support system of friends. Lyrically the entire EP is a thank you for everyone who's been there for me, hence the name, My Beautiful Friends.

You guys are part of the new Warped Tour documentary. What can you tell our readers about what types of things you guys are doing in the documentary?
Following Warped Tour, we should have broke up simply because of the stress and heat. Haha. In the documentary you'll see us eating free Kazoozles, chugging monsters, sweating our asses off, and working ourselves into dehydration. Our main goal for following Warped Tour was to get by on nothing but our music.

Will you guys be participating on Warped Tour this year in any way?
We'll be following it again, selling cds, (look for us.) It would be awesome to play Warped again though. Haha.

To me your sound has a few different elements it has some of the elements of pop/punk but also maybe some of the stuff that was going strong in the early 2000’s like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. What types of music influenced your sound and what do you think sets you apart from some of the newer bands out today?
While we each have our favorite bands and individual tastes in music, (John listens to everything from Glassjaw to Pink Floyd and I, Joe, bounce between The Chronic 2001 and Bruce Springsteen Haha,) everyone in the van can agree that music from the early 2000's is always the go to driving music. Albums by At The Drive-In, Senses Fail, Taking Back Sunday, and Northstar, to name a few, are the records we continually fall back on. This has to say something both sonically for them and the for impact they've made on us musically. The biggest thing we can agree on with those records is how much thought goes into the lyrics and how much heart is in the music. If there is any one thing that sets us apart from some of the newer bands today, it's that we try to apply that approach to the music that we write. H

I was looking at some of your merch designs and I was interested to see the design that is a take on the logo for Drive Thru Records. What made you guys decide to do a shirt around that logo?
(Joe-) I am the oldest of my three siblings. Drive Thru Records between '02-'05 was like the older brother I didn't have that was always turning me on to cool, new music. While it's safe to say that label went south, the logo is still nostalgic to me and when I see it, I think of great bands I grew up with.

To anyone who hasn’t heard your band what track do you think is a good start and why?
I think the best track to start with is The Office because it is the best recorded representation to date of our band.

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