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For those who aren’t familiar you are the vocalist of A Static Lullaby as well and Elevate: I Am is your new project. You started the new project while ASL went on hiatus. Why did you feel the need to start the project?
I’ve spent most of my adult life if not all (10) years in a Van/Bus touring the world and playing music every day for a living… “You can take the boy out of the music but you can’t take the music out of the boy” … I guess… After having my first child and taking off almost a year I started to feel the “itch”… I needed to scratch that mother fucker! ASL & it’s Members had either joined other bands/worked for other bands and I was completely against the idea of doing anything else but my own music if I wanted to continue my path in the music industry. ASL was not ready to go back and make a record so I was going to make my own with E: I AM.

How has this project been different to work on as opposed to your work with A Static Lullaby?
Well first of all the band practiced as a whole maybe 2 times before going into the studio to record with Steve. John and I had demoed all the songs. I had the melodies and lyrics written & John had all the music before we went in. So, basically it was up to Kris and Steve to learn, play & Record the album in the studio. The dynamic of this band was refreshing to me. I had never written music without Dan… so it was good to test myself and get out of my comfort zone. Being able to work with Pros always helps too.

Your new album The Ghost Eclipse Sessions comes out in June. How many tracks will the new album have?
The album will have 10 tracks

You’ve been working with Steve Evetts on the new album. Steve has worked with a lot of really great artist. How has working with him been?
Steve is literally one of my best friends … He will most likely be the best man at my wedding. More than that though… I respect Steve so much as Producer/Writer/Artist that if an opportunity arises where Steve Evetts can make a record for me, I’m making a record with Steve Evetts. At least with him you know you’re going to get a “real” sounding album. I swear to God “808” & “sampling/programming” can get a little old after a while…

You’ve released a few tracks off the new album one of those being “Codependent Carcass” which is interesting lyrically. I was wondering if you could give me some insight into that song and where your head was at with it?

That song was written with much self reflection… After having a child of your own you begin to look at the relationship between parents and children. There has always been a war ragging inside me… either through depression/addiction or relationships. And my main goal is to someway create a situation that is different for my daughters. My Mother fell prey to some horrible shit when she was a child. Her father “loved” her way too much. So I have never blamed my mother for the way I was raised or what I went through. I just want to make sure I can prevent some of darkness that’s inside me from plaguing my children in any way.

I read that the physical album will be released exclusively by Hot Topic. Why did you guys decide to just release a physical version through that store as opposed to having it in places like Best Buy, FYI, etc…?
We live in a digital age now… Physical Cd’s are great to have but the truth is kids don’t buy them as much. Hot Topic has always been good to ASL and I figured that it would be a great partnership out the gate to release with them. I want this album to build naturally… if there is a demand I will be more than happy to supply it by using outlets like best buy / fye etc. But when you’re going into the record business it is best not to count your chickens before they hatch.
You recently filmed a new music video in support of the album. Can you tell me a little about the video and how it represents the band and what you are trying to accomplish with this project?
We shot a mini series of (3) Video’s for Co-Dependent Carcass , More Ironic Than Alanis & Pray for the Sniper … I plan to release (1) a month until the release of the album in June. Chris Rodriguez is an amazing film maker… His treatment and location scouting was simply incredible. I look forward to doing more work him in the future.

For those ASL fans if I could ask a quick question about that band. I was just curious with the Elevate: I Am album coming out this summer are there any plans at all for ASL to get back together for a new record anytime soon or are you just going to focus on Elevate: I Am for the rest of the year?
ASL is playing shows… We have been in a rehearsal space writing the new album and I plan to release late 2011 or early 2012.
I guess that about wraps it up thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have any closing comments you’d like to add?
Brett Dinovo the Original Drummer of a Static Lullaby ( And Don’t Forget to Breathe ) is writing and playing with us. I am very happy to have him be a part of the band again. Elevate: I AM literally made the best record of 2011 !!! buy it, steal it, burn it, rip it, … just listen to it.

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