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Joey Martinez
I recently had the opportunity to interview Matt of Oolong. We discussed writing and recording their upcoming album, musical influences and songwriting, physical releases, thoughts on their debut album ‘About Your Imaginary Friend’, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.

Of course, it was a pleasure last time!

You’ve been working on your new album. How far along in the process are you?

So far we have every song tracked with drums and scratch guitar. As of the time I'm typing this, we still have a bit of a road ahead of us but we got a huge portion of it chunked away. We did this with the first album too, when we record we usually do it in bits and pieces.

Who are you recording with this time around? How’s the recording process going so far? 

We're recording with Arik Victor of Creep Records again, he's in Philly and we really like the work he's done and that we've done with him. So far it's still beginning stages, but I anticipate this album being done very soon after we get strings and additional instruments all figured out.

What are you drawing influence from sonically? Have you been experimenting with your sound at all?

We're still taking influence from many of the bands we always have, i.e. I Kill Giants, Glocca Morra, Cap'n Jazz, etc. I think we're leaning more into a Cap'n Jazz sound, a lot of these new songs are rambunctious and completely chaotic. We haven't been greatly altering our sound, but Vinny wrote many of the AYIF songs when he was 19-20, so I think 6 years will inevitably change how you approach songwriting to some capacity. With regard to that, I think the lyrics are a little more well thought out on this one; but that’s just my personal opinion.

Do you have a tentative timeline on when we might hear more news about the album and/or possibly a tentative date for a new single? 

I would say to start expecting more news regarding it around Fall of this year, our goal is to have the ball rolling by then. But life stuff could always get in the way of that, we're keeping our fingers crossed. There'll definitely be a few singles before the album drop too.

Will the new album be coming out on vinyl and cassette?

Casette and CDs will come first most likely, just with the difficulty of getting vinyl in people's hands these days.

Your debut album ‘About Your Imaginary Friend’ has basically become a modern emo classic. It’s loved by fans and has had various cassette and vinyl pressings with some featuring cool alternate artwork. What’s your favorite alternate cover that’s been released with it?

That means the world to us to hear that, we can't thank you enough. Great question, I don't know about the rest of the boys but my favorite is either the Wallace and Gromit UK/EU tapes we did with Hunk of Plastic, or the Peter Griffin tapes we did with Flea Collar - the latter being one of the first tape runs we ever did.

How do you feel about that album now that it’s been out for a few years? What are some of your personal favorite songs from it?

We all have a love for the album still, it was our first true effort as a group of friends to put this art we made out to the world. We made a lot of great new friends and memories by releasing it and we appreciate all that making it has done for us over the years. Granted, I'm personally ready to start playing new stuff; but people are still discovering AYIF to this day and truly enjoying it. It'll always be in our live repertoire no matter what. My personal favorite song off the album has always been Miller's High Life. Vinny's favorite is Welcome.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you for talking with us again! If anyone would like to see updates on our band and our new album coming out (hopefully) this year, follow us on Instagram and Twitter. 

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