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Alice Hirsch 
I recently had the opportunity to interview Jake of Mile End. We discussed an early interest in music, musical influences, signing with New Morality Zine, their upcoming promo release, the possibility of having physical releases, lyrical inspiration, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.

Thank you for having me. I'm stoked! 

Can you tell me how you started the band for those who may be unfamiliar with it? How did you initially become interested in music?

Yeah, so that band started with our drummer Patrick, got with our guitarist Alex around the start of high school, the two of them had known each other since they were young and Patrick had met our bass player Spider in high school, was homies with him and had him join. I had joined later on, they were trying to find a second guitarist/vocalist and went through a few different guys or homies. They met me from a guy I worked with at a department store, I was looking for a band at the time and he told me he had he had a friend who had a band and they liked Alexisonfire, I was sold from there. Joined the band, they had two originals written at the time, so I was pretty stoked to find other kids that wanted to write music, play shows and just do it all. We've been best friends since and straight up big chilling. 

But for myself getting into music on my own, I credit my uncle Dustin a lot, he would've been in high school when I was in kindergarten so from a young age he was always putting me on heavy music, Alexisonfire and lots of nu metal. So shout out Dustin for that one! 

Who are some of your biggest influences stylistically and how did they influence the sound of your band?

Biggest influences for us, early days in high school would have been Alexisonfire, Single Mothers, Deftones, or Brampton legends Moneen, but then Real Thing by turnstile dropped around the time we started and then we found step to rhythm and that shit definitely put a chokehold on us and slowly from there we were exposed to hardcore. Now we all have individual influences, some of the main ones we have collectively would be early Refused, Life’s Question, Threadbare, hahaha and still Turnstile. But yeah we’re just trying to make the type of hardcore we wanna hear that isn't there right now. 

You recently announced that you signed with New Morality Zine. How did it work out for you to sign with the label?

Signing with NMZ is so dope for me, when I was first getting into hardcore some of the bands I found early on were NMZ bands with Buggin and Life's Question, so NMZ has been on my radar and something I've looked at as a goal for a long time now, singing with them feels very surreal for me, I'm mad grateful for it, massive shout out to Tyler and Excide he helped us get on the radar and helped build that bridge/connection or us, eternal love for the homie!

You also announced that you’ll be releasing ‘Promo 2023’ in July. What can you tell me about it so far?

Yes, so the promo is coming out next month, two of the songs Avarice and FCHC are out now and the release will have a new intro and song, but we recorded those songs last summer at School house studio with Davis Maxwell. I gotta say Davis is that guy, he has that dog in him, homie really helped us bring this band to the next level, hit him up for recording needs @_davismaxwell, homie also just did the most recent Gavel and Spaced promo, all hits hard.   

Do you have plans to release any vinyl or cassettes for it? How important is having physical media to your band? 

We got tapes coming with promo next month and next spring/Early summer we’re looking for a longer release with a vinyl run! Physicals are sick, feels like a sick mile stone for bands to hit, to have something you worked hard on for months in your hands and be tangible is pretty dope!

Your song “FCHC” is a great song. Can you tell me about writing that song?

FCHC is a song about our hometown Brampton, Ontario. Brampton gets shit on like crazy, everyone and most bands from there in the past were too scared to rep it and opted for claiming Toronto. I think that shit is weak as hell, myself and all of our homies there wanna put on for our city and don't wanna opt out for another city an hour away to get some clout from repping a larger city. But yo we got a bunch of dope bands coming out from there so shout out DEAR-GOD, DoFlame, Temper Tantrum, 100%Pure, Dear Evangeline, Blood Wraith, Koroshi, Enemy from Within and everyone involved with the OFFLEASH crew. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Yo thank you so much for having me this was dope! Also yo we're heading out on our first tour next month so if we roll by your ends pull up and say what's up! 

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