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Joe Banker
I recently had the opportunity to interview Dead Bundy. We discussed musical inspiration, songwriting, artwork, their upcoming album ‘Held Back’, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.


You’re welcome.


You released ‘Not Sorry’ in 2021 and ‘(Still) Not Sorry’ in 2022. What are your thoughts looking back on it now?


Yes. So many thoughts and memories come to mind but for the sake of time, we’re never going to be sorry.


You recently released new single, “Ghosting You”. It features great dynamic shifts. Can you tell us more about writing and recording the song?


As much as we love release day, we are always thinking about the day we get to bring these songs to the stage, so a lot of the musical inspiration came from an energetic live setting.

It sort of has a nostalgic feel to it but it also features a more modern lyrical approach even referencing ghosting someone. What were some of your musical and lyrical influences for it?  

It all started when Rick started watching “big booty goth girls” on Tik Tok and we got inspired to get in the studio. By the time we got there, we were too drunk to write. So we got on Chat GPT and typed in the “ghosting big booty goth girls, pop punk song with a happy ending” and this is what we got. We didn’t have to change anything.


You also recently released “Outta My League” along with some limited t-shirts. Who comes up with the art for your merch and songs?


Justin House - he brought our “bombie” idea to life and he’s been awesome to work with.


You’re planning to release your next album soon. What can you tell us about it so far?


Yeah! It’s called “Held Back” and we’re dropping it on June 23rd. Of everything we’ve dropped in the last 3 years as a band, we’re easily the most excited about putting these songs out than anything else. We’ve got some of the wackiest, fastest, and catchiest songs we’ve ever made. Think about what happens when the “super senior” stays in high school 10 years too long and still plays in a band.


Are there any plans to possibly release any of your past releases on vinyl? How important is having physical media to the band?

Would love to! Definitely part of the plan, we all grew up collecting physical albums from our favorite bands (Rick has like over 200 CDs) and it would be kickass to have more of our own.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Is there anything else that you’d like to add?


Uh…sure! Have you ever seen the BME pain olympics?


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