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Bill Cardella 
I recently had the opportunity to interview The Ones You Forgot. We discussed how they initially became interested in music, the writing and recording process of new EP ‘Time Trials’, learning to soak in the present moment, plans for 2023, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview. 


Thank you for having us!

Can you tell me more about how you initially became interested in music and how you started writing songs?

Jenna: I was introduced to music through my siblings. They were the ones responsible for loading my iPod back in the day, so whatever they gave was what I got! I got hooked on some bands when I was young, but didn’t have an interest in performing until I joined chorus in school. That introduced me to singing and taking it seriously, though I was too afraid to pursue it for many years due to stage fright. I also picked up guitar at this point. Luckily I met the band when I was 17, and they worked with me as I broke through my fears, then I never looked back! 


Ferd: Growing up my brother got me into music and playing guitar. I started writing songs when I got bored of learning them and wanted to learn how to write my own. 

Matt: Going to my first concert as a kid inspired me to get a guitar. And between my brother playing in bands, and going to more and more shows I realized I wanted to play in a band!


Lance: When I was little I got a guitar for Christmas and would occasionally mess around on it. I started to get into music through my parents and they eventually signed me up for guitar lessons and the rest is history!


Justin: My dad bought me a drum set when I was in 4th grade. Never took it seriously. My best friend in the neighborhood “Cap” picked up guitar and got very good for a kid our age very quickly and it motivated me to start taking lessons and become in love with drumming. 

You released your EP, 'Too Afraid To Say' in 2018. What are your thoughts looking back at it now? 

Not to be dramatic, but that EP changed the course of the band forever. We were exposed to many experiences because of ‘Too Afraid To Say’. And the best part is, we still love every song that is on it. Sometimes playing songs for years can be exhausting, but these ones mean so much to us that we don’t mind the repetition at all. But don’t get us wrong, definitely still super happy that new songs are in rotation now, haha! 

You recently released your 3-track EP, 'Time Trials'. Can you tell us about the writing process? 


Time Trials came together over the course of a few years, even though it was only 3 songs. Enjoy The Ride was the first song written, and we sat on it for quite some time because we wanted its release to be special. Then Live For the Now was written, and we realized just how perfectly these songs went hand in hand together. It’s funny because even though a lot of time past, I (Jenna) was still singing about the same issue. Then Stepping Stone came into the mix, and we were like “okay, this is the perfect way to wrap up this conversation”. And that’s what we did! All three songs tackle a similar theme and wanted to showcase them together. 

Can you tell us more about the recording process? What came easiest in the process and what took more time? 


Recording is almost always a seamless experience for us, and probably one of our favorite parts that comes with being in a band. The hardest part however is probably getting used to those last minute, creative inspirations and tweaks that can change part of or the whole song very quickly. We usually practice the song as a band first then bring it the studio, which essentially means we have to relearn it when production comes into the mix. Not always, but it does happen! We have a pretty consistent process though, especially after working with the same producer for years. 

You released a video for “Enjoy The Ride”. Can you tell us more about filming the video? 

When I (Jenna) wrote the lyrics to Enjoy The Ride, it was kind of like a note to self in regards to my music career and life in general. For a long time I was so worried about constantly progressing and getting to the next goal, when really I needed to sit back and just soak in the present moment. With that, we decided to compile all of our favorite, funny and personally memorable moments from the history of the band, to celebrate all the great times we shared that were always right in front of us. The best part of this band wasn’t what was coming next, it was what was going on right then and there. The now! 

What else is coming up for the band in 2023? Are you currently working on new music?


We’re hoping to get back into the studio ASAP! We have a habit of letting too much time pass in between releases, so we are trying to avoid that and keep the ball rolling. We also have some super fun shows coming up, one in particular playing an intermission at a New Jersey Devils game this spring, so we are looking forward to that as well! 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Thank you for your time! You can stream our new EP, ‘Time Trials’ HERE.

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