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Errick Easterday
I recently had the opportunity to interview Greyhaven. We discussed how they explored the theme of life and death on “Fed To The Lights”, collaborating with Will Putney on new album, ‘This Bright and Beautiful World’, their recording process, musical influences, and more. Check it out below.

“Fed To The Lights” is a favorite of mine from the album. Can you tell me about writing that song specifically?

Brent - Fed To The Lights was a song that started out with a riff that Johnny brought to practice one day. Initially we weren’t sure where to take the song but it started to take shape after a while, but it all really came together in the studio. I had the beginning melody and the first line of the song pretty quickly, but hadn’t had much else lyrically until the week we recorded it. I researched a lot for this song to get the imagery right. I wanted to dive into the theme of life and death and the symbol of the vulture kept coming to mind, whatever I was reading had an impact on me so I ran with it.

I really like how “The Quiet Shakes” starts heavy and how you balanced the heavy vocals with the melodic vocals. It’s one of my favorite vocal performances on the album. How long did you work on this vocally?

Brent - I had the more melodic parts sort of figured out as far as performance goes but the heavier parts were really tricky. I didn’t want to do things that felt phoned in which put a lot of pressure on me to do something I thought was exciting. A lot of this one came from really rough ideas that Will Putney and I hashed out together until we were both happy with it. I just wanted to marry the “best for us” parts with the “ripping out of the sky” parts. I figured if we could make those two things work in the same song, it would ( hopefully ) be good but like most of these songs, it all really came down to the moment with Will.

The production and mixing on the album sounds great. What were you hoping to accomplish sonically?

Brent - I’m pretty hands off on that side of things. Johnny and Nick have a good idea of the tone they want and I think Will knows exactly how to pull all of that together and really showcase us as the four piece band we are.

Nick - To be honest, we didn’t really have a predetermined idea of what the overall production of the record should be, sonically. But we did however have all the faith in the world that Will Putney would find what “Greyhaven” should sound like on record.

I think the guitar sound you captured for the album sounds fantastic. How long did you work on it in the studio?

Nick - Thank you! We worked on it for about half a day. With the versatility of sound on the record we knew we were gonna have to hone in on quite a few different tones. Very happy with what we came up with.

It sounds like you drew from a lot of influences. I hear everything from metal, hardcore, grunge, to alternative rock. What were some of your biggest influences or what were you listening to while writing it?

Brent - For me personally, I’m just always learning and always looking to be inspired by anything I come across. If it connects with me it ultimately influences me in some way. There are plenty of bands we connect on though like Dillinger, Radiohead, Fall of Troy, Fear Before, etc. We’re constantly showing each other new music and diving back into old records. We’re just genuine fans of music and we still get excited by things and I think that’s the biggest inspiration is just to be excited by what we’re doing. 

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