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I recently had the opportunity to interview oldphone. We discussed an early interest in playing music, hyperpop influences, the writing and recording process for upcoming EP, ‘Hey, I’m Alive and it’s Cool’, collaborating with Eichlers, the easiest and hardest songs to write for the EP, favorite moments from the EP, and more. Check it out below. 

First, thanks for the interview.

NO problem! Super honored y'all wanted to talk! 

Can you tell me how you formed the project for those who may be unfamiliar? How did you initially become interested in music?

I started playing music when I was eight. Started with violin then moved on to guitar and drums when I was twelve. I started playing bass and piano around age sixteen. Picked up producing and DJing when I was around twenty two. I'm thirty three now lol. I stared playing in emo and pop punk bands when I was sixteen and did that for awhile and also dabbled in the rave scene making dubstep and edm trap. oldphone is honestly just me mixing influences from all the different kinds of music I listen to. Obviously I’m super into hyperpop rn and emo is my old love so you'll def hear that influence mostly on my EP. Hoping to expand more for the LP.

You describe your sound as “hyperemo”. How did you find your sound and who are some of your main influences?

I'm super into hyperpop artists like twikipedia, lieu, yungster jack. I'm a guitar instructor for Fender for my day job so there's no way I won’t have any guitars in there lol. Just basically emo riffs over hyperpop beats. We'll see where it leads!

Your EP ‘Hey, I’m Alive and it’s Cool’ will be out on April 19th. Can you tell me about the writing and recording process for the EP?

I wrote the EP during a huge transitional period in my life. I was borrowing friend’s gear to record (thankfully Eichlers got me a new mic for xmas) so not having a single space to write and record it was different! I recorded and produced everything myself with the help of Eichlers on 2 tracks! He also was giving me advice and mix notes the whole time on the other tracks so you can say he co-produced those as well! I feel super blessed to have such a talented best friend to help me with music. It’s truly a humbling experience. 

Eichlers co-produced the EP. How did it work out for you to work with him on this EP and what did he bring to the process?

He’s one of my best friends and I look up to his writing abilities so much so it was a dream to work with on it with him. He completely produced “iliterallyhavenothing :(” and did the drums on “guestroom” and talked me through and gave me notes on all the other tracks. After I applied every single note he gave, it was always a hit. 

What was the easiest song to write for the EP and on the other hand which song took the longest to finish?

The easiest song was the opening track “old head -.-”. That sound just came out of me in a day. I remember when I sent Eichlers the demo he told me that it was the best vocals he’s ever heard from me <33. The hardest song for me was “ilitereallyhavenothing :(” just because I was feeling very uninspired up until superdestoryer sent me a feature for it which brought it back to life me. I’m super stoked on that song now!

Do you have a favorite musical or lyrical moment from the EP?

Eichlers feature on “guestroom” is my favorite lyrical moment. He’s one of my favorite lyricists rn so it stands to reason lol. I really like the chorus to “old head -.-” as a musical moment. One of the catchier hooks I think I’ve written. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thank you for having me! Music and community can be a wonderful thing if you participate in it for the right reasons <3. I hope everyone enjoys the EP and I appreciate everyone who has supported me so far <333333

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