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I recently had the opportunity to interview p.s.you’redead. We discussed the writing and recording process for upcoming  album, ‘Sugar Rot’, a favorite musical moment from new song “The Mouth Of Hell Is Lit With Neon”, the band’s writing process, album artwork, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Of course, thank you for talkin to us!

You recently announced your debut album ‘Sugar Rot”. What can you tell me about the writing and recording process for the album?

Sugar Rot was written over the coarse of the first year and a half of us being a band, 3 of the songs on it are new versions of songs from our demo and the newest song “The Everlasting Search for the Missing Ninja Turtle” was written just a week or so before we started recording. For the recording process we had my friend Jonathan Wisniewski set up his gear in my basement I think we recorded everything but synth in like 5 days, then spent about a week working on synth sounds and layers on our own and just sent those over to him. 

You also released your new song “The Mouth Of Hell Is Lit With Neon”. Do you have a favorite lyrical or musical moment from the song?

For the song I’d say my favorite part is the piano accompaniment with the softer guitar, that was something that wasn’t written and we kinda just did it on the fly and it ended up being one of our favorite parts of the whole record.

Why did you pick it as the first single and as the introduction to the new album? 

We picked this as the first single because it kind of sets the mood for the whole record. It’s one of the most dynamic songs we’ve written so far so it kind of gives people a little taste of everything we were trying to go for for this LP. 

Do you have a song from the album that you’re particularly excited for people to hear? Why?

The first track on the record is probably the one I’m most excited for people to hear. It’s super fast paced and energetic and it’s by far my favorite song to play live, and our producer did a great job bringing that same energy to the recorded version. 

Your music incorporates a lot of different musical elements. What’s your overall writing process like?

Our writing process so far has been me (Lilith - guitar/vocals) recording demos for the bones of the songs and is just kinda jamming the songs and figuring out which parts to change, what kind of transitions from part to part work the best and just refining the songs till we feel that we’re ready to get them recorded. 

I really like the artwork for the album. Who came up with the concept for it and designed it? What’s the meaning behind it?

The cover art is the tooth fairy with a handful of teeth and just some cool design work around it. It goes with the theme of the name of the album ‘Sugar Rot’ and the lyrics to the title track that say “you’re so fucking sweet it hurts my teeth”. This is basically just a metaphor for how to much of a good thing will cause problems for you and also it doubles as a saying for fake people who are the nice to you in order to make use of you and having ulterior motives. 

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

I really appreciate the opportunity to speak about the album, thank y’all so much for talking with us! 

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