Sound In The Signals - Best EPs of 2021

I think this year was a pretty great year for music. A ton of good EPs came out in 2020, but the music industry pushed for a big bounce back after a really rough 2020 (mostly due to the pandemic). With that big push came a ton of great albums, EPs, and singles. 2021 is one of the best years for music releases in a while. This list represents what I would consider to be my favorite EP releases of the year. When considering the list and order I took into account what I listened to the most, my own personal taste, and what were my biggest go-to releases this year.


1.Ricky Himself - ‘Poser’

I was highly anticipating this EP since the release of “I Know You Like Black Flag”. It was such a well-written song and the lyrics were very clever. The release was interesting because Ricky Himself went with the slow-drip approach of releasing singles, which culminated with the EP release near the end of the year. I’m not generally a fan of that approach, but I felt like it really worked for this EP. Aside from the aforementioned song, nearly every song on this EP feels like a solid single. Everything is extremely well-written and there are some great guest features. I really like the way this EP incorporates elements of current era rock, pop/punk, and late 90s-early 2000s alternative radio rock.

2.Lil Aaron - ‘Year Of The Dog’

3.Camp Trash - ‘Downtiming’

4.Real Friends - ‘Torn In Two’

5.Arm’s Length - ‘Everything Nice’

6.Meet Me @ The Altar - ‘Model Citizen’

7.House Parties - ‘Tiny Rooms’

8.Blackbear - ‘Misery Lake’

9.Jack Kays - ‘My Favorite Nightmares’

10.Junior Varsity - ‘Junior Varsity’

11.5ever - ‘Forever’

12.Hot Mulligan - ‘I Won’t Reach Out To You’

13.Snacking - ‘Painted Gold’

14.Under Two - ‘4 Way Split’

15.Charlotte Sands - ‘Special’

16.Static Dress - ‘Prologue…’

17.Horror Section - ‘My Bloody Valentine’

18.Nominee - ‘Outset’

19.Regrown - ‘Closed Casket Material’

20.LØLØ - ‘overkill’

21.Action/Adventure - ‘Pulling Focus’

22.Cherie Amour - ‘Internal Discussions’

23.Knocked Loose - ‘A Tear In The Fabric Of Life’

24.Young Culture - ‘Godspeed’

25.Creeper - ‘American Noir’

26.Tyler Posey - ‘Drugs’

27.Valley - ‘Last Birthday’

28.Paris Texas - ‘Boy Anonymous’

29.Glaive - ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’

30.Sleep Cycles - ‘Learning To Fall’

31.Last Night Saved My Life - ‘The Color Infinite Pt. 1

32.Greyed Out - ‘Greyed Out’

33.44Phantom- ‘die sometime, it’s good for you’

34.Hotel Etiquette - ‘Ex Questions’

35.New Heroes/Madaline - ‘Split’

36.Corduroy Pants - ‘Don’t Get Your Hopes Up’

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