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I recently had the opportunity to interview Dan Cooney. We discussed the inspiration behind his new EP, musical influences, his writing and recording process, which song came easiest and which was the hardest to write, what’s next for him, and more. Check it out below.

First, thanks for the interview.

Thanks for the opportunity to speak!

You’re releasing new EP, ‘Long Island Doesn’t Love U’ tomorrow on July 23rd. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the project? 

It’s funny because the basis of the project stems from story telling elements I saw watching professional wrestling videos when I was younger, and realized that they can be applied to how people feel in real life. In 1996, in the world of wrestling, there was the New World Order, and they were taking their promotion by storm. On the other hand, you had Sting. Due to the large amount of people joining the NWO, people began to mistrust Sting, and he felt like everyone turned his back on him. He began to appear more mysteriously, often lurking up in the rafters. He would come down on zip-lines with a baseball bat, testing people’s loyalty to him. That whole time he never uttered a single word. 

The way it ties into real life is people may often feel as if the entire world has turned their back on them, whether it be friends or family. People may go quiet, often just spectating and seeing what people’s true motives are. Me being from Long Island, and basing the storyline off of experiences I’ve had with different people I’ve met throughout my life, thought it would be really cool in tying everything together for this EP.

When we last spoke in November, you said you were working on new songs that were similar to ““Said That”, but with deeper lyricism and more story-telling elements”. Is that true of the songs from the EP?  

I believe so for one of the tracks. The rest are more alternative/rock based, which I am excited about. I tried to have a few different styles on the project, while still having all of the songs be under the same umbrella.

Who were your main influences when creating the EP?

The main two that stand out are Basement and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal. I love what WPSE is doing with his project, the songs and projects he puts out are phenomenal. Basement have some good songs too, and after discovering them this year they became a big influence on this EP.

Tell us more about writing and recording the EP. Did you try anything new? 

The EP was super fun to record. I worked with Focus Jordan and Gianni Gambuzza, who I’ve worked with before on records. Their production and mixing always come out incredible and love working with them.

Which song was the easiest to write and record? Which was the hardest? Why? 

The first track on the EP is titled ‘REMEMBER’, and to me that was the easiest song to write. It just came to me really. It sets the whole tone for the EP and it’s one of my favorites that I’ve written. The hardest one was the second track on the EP, which is titled ‘BACK AGAINST IT’. I had the instrumental for the track that Focus gave me for a while, and never knew how to approach it. When I did eventually finished the song, I was super excited about how it came out.

What can listeners expect for the rest of 2021? 

I definitely want to start doing some more shows. Looking to get booked, play the new songs with some friends, especially now that more and more shows are happening and in full swing. I also plan on making this EP a series of EPs to come under the same theme.

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Thanks for the continuing support, and remember to buy or stream ‘LONG ISLAND DOESN’T LOVE U’ on July 23rd!

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