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Northbound recently released a cover of "Enjoy Your Day" from Alkaline Trio. Read more about how it's a good song to cry to, the decision to cover it, other bands Jonathon Fraser might cover one day, possible plans for 2020, and more below.

 First, thanks for the interview.

Anytime, thanks for always covering what I'm up to. It means a lot.

On Valentine's Day you released your cover of Alkaline Trio’s “Enjoy Your Day” and I really liked it. Can you tell me about recording the cover and how long you’ve been planning to release it on Valentine's Day?

I'm glad you enjoyed it. It was honestly really spontaneous, from planning to release was about 72 hours. I'm in a group chat with a bunch of friends and somebody brought up the topic of our go to 'cry songs' and I instantly contributed that 'Enjoy Your Day' as one of mine. If I liked a band and they released a cover of a song about Valentine's Day on Valentine's Day, I'd be stoked so I just wanted to do something I thought was cool. It's a live recording (the guitar and vocals were tracked at the same time) and I engineered/mixed it myself, so it was pretty quick. This is the first time I've ever released something that truly zero other people were involved in making.

What about Alkaline Trio and that song in particular made it a song that you wanted to cover?

Alkaline Trio has always been a tremendous influence on my songwriting, and I just really have a soft spot for that tune. It being about Valentine's Day also contributed to the choice of course.

Your vocals sound great on the song. The vocals sound a lot like the original, but you put that Northbound spin on them. Was it an easy song for you to do vocally?

Hey, thanks! I don't think it's a particularly challenging song to sing but I just sang it how I would sing it. Getting the emotion right is what's crucial in my opinion. That is something you can't fake. I think it helps that I was feeling a bit morose about the holiday coming up. 

Any chance we’ll get a cover EP or album from Northbound? If so, who would you like to cover?

I've only toyed with the idea, but it would be fun. I'm sure I'd cover want to cover my favorite bands. Say Anything, Smoking Popes, New Found Glory, The 1975, Fall Out Boy.

Some fans might remember when you had the Northbound/Alkaline Trio shirt. Is there any chance you’d ever bring that shirt back?

Wow, I can't believe anybody remembers that, that must have been over 5 years ago. Maybe!

When I heard the cover I instantly thought it would be really cool to get a 7” or lathe cut record of it. Any chance that would ever happen?

I'd love that but it's probably unlikely. Maybe when I do that hypothetical cover EP we talked about we'll get it on some wax.

We talked to you back when your new album ‘Soul Kiss’ was coming out. How have the months been after the release? Have you been pleased with how well it’s been doing? What’s coming next?

All in all it's been great, I can look back fondly on Soul Kiss as something that has really shaped what Northbound means to a lot of people. Speaking candidly, I wish we were still promoting it on the road but more tours are coming soon. I think 2020 has a good amount of touring, maybe even another release up it's sleeve. We'll see.

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions? Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thanks for caring. Keep your eyes on the NB camp, and stream Soul Kiss.

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