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Horror Section is a self-described pop punk band who pay homage to their favorite horror movies through their music. While considered pivotal to this time of year the music can be enjoyed any time. Read more about their recent Halloween bundle, an updated version of "Afterlife", their standout artwork, and what fans can expect next below.

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You just announced a big Halloween bundle and it sold out in just a couple days. Can you tell me a little about how you came up with the idea for it?

This is something I’ve wanted to do since the band started. A limited release just for Halloween sounds easy enough, but due to vinyl pressing times and general coordination it just never happened before now. So when we committed to making it, I had to call in some favors to make it happen - but it all turned out great and I’m very happy with it. As with all of our releases and merch I just try and think of things that I would want as a fan of music and movies.

An updated version of “Afterlife” is on the 7” that came with the bundle. What can you tell me about the updated version of the song?

When we were finishing up the s/t LP Tommy surprised me with an altered version of Afterlife. The original song was a bonus song from our Prowler sessions (our first recordings). It’s not totally different but it’s updated a bit with Gabe on drums (Tommy played on our first releases) and some tweaks to the arrangements. I like the idea of a ‘remake’ version of a song just like horror movies get remade - except maybe this is better than most horror movie remakes haha.

For me, Horror Section has become an essential Halloween or October/fall band with the special releases you’ve had in the past. You seem to release most of your projects around this time. What about this time of the year really appeals to you and is it interesting to watch your band grow into a Halloween music favorite with your listeners?

Halloween is the best time of year! There’s just something special about the weather and days changing. Summer is fun and all but it doesn’t get better than sitting around a fire pit and watching a horror movie with your friends. Everywhere you turn these days Halloween is a huge event. Sure there’s the commercial aspect but it’s also just straight up fun to see people enjoying themselves and getting creative with costumes and decorations. As for our music, I truly hope it makes people’s playlists and season more enjoyable. I’m right there with you in making mixes of my favorite horror themed music this time of year!

What are some bands or songs that are favorites of yours for this time of the year?

Off the top of my head - Slasher Dave, Calabrese, Harley Poe, Misfits, Samhain, Tiger Army.

Aside from the great music another big appeal of your band is your artwork. You’ve worked with some of the same artists on your various projects. Who were a couple of your favorites to work with and how did you meet them and start working with them?

Devin Hill and Rat King are both personal friends. We’ve known each other for a while so when I started the band enlisting Rat King to do the first art was a no brainer. He’s done amazing stuff on the Prowler, Halloween III, the Omen (my favorite) and many more designs. Devin has helped with one off covers, artwork from buttons to shirts and koozies, you name it. He is a true DIY guy and has helped me with many jobs - including compiling and printing the Halloween zines. And I have to mention Brad Fann too who has spent countless hours with graphic design on inserts, ads, stickers, shirts, etc.

What’s the process like when working with the artists? Who comes up with the idea?
I usually give a high level overview of what I’m thinking and what the theme is, they’ll give me a rough draft or idea, then we take it from there. I do feel a bit bad sometimes - I can definitely be a tough customer haha. But in the end the art always turns out great and we’re all still good friends.

‘The Prowler’ original artwork was auctioned off and the auction seemed to go really well. It ended up going for quite a bit. What did you think of the auction and did it surprise you that it went for that much?

It definitely surprised me and Rat King both a bit. He was clearing out his storage and found it. He offered to give it to me but I suggested he sell it online to see if he couldn’t get a few bucks for it. He definitely deserves it.

What do you think will be your go to Halloween horror movie this year?

The Halloween series is a must. I usually skip Resurrection and the 2 Rob Zombie versions but I love the rest for one reason or another (including the 2018 one).

Have you been writing new music and if so when do you think we’ll hear it? Can you tell me about one movie you might write about on new music?

We are finishing up a new EP but I’d prefer to keep it a little close to the chest (that’s a hint of sorts).

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thanks for the interview, I appreciate it! Hope everyone has a great Halloween and gets to put on a mask and forget themselves for a little while.

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