J Trauma - Sound In The Signals Interview

I recently had the chance to interview J Trauma. Check out the full interview below.

First off, thanks for the interview.
Nah man thank you, really appreciate it.

For those unfamiliar with your music how did you get into rap and what made you want to start rapping?
I started rapping towards the end of 2013 after a breakup that I went through, I wanted something to make me happy that would also take my mind off of everything going on around that time period so I looked to making music to help me through it all. I always wanted to start rapping ever since I was a young kid, growing up on Eminem CDs and also Limp Bizkit and Lil Wayne.

You just released your new EP 'Big Boy Season'. Can you tell me a little about the recording process of the EP? How long did you work on it?
I'm an overweight guy about 220 pounds or so, so that's where I got the name from. I started recording the EP in December, "TAKE IT" and "SUSHI!" were the first songs I recorded. I finally finished the EP around late March. There were a couple songs that I was planning to put on there but one was unfinished and the others didn't make the final cut.

Medicine Man produced the title track for the EP. What made the beat stick out to you and is there anything you look for in sound and style when you listen to beats that you are going to use?
Medicine Man's super talented and a real genuine guy shoutout to him. The Korn sample on that beat was super sick, and I had a written saved that perfectly matched the beat so it was a wrap from there. When it comes to the beats I choose I'm usually very picky. If there's one little thing that I don't like about a beat I usually tend to stray away from it, but I'm very adaptable and don't like sticking to one sound so if I like the beat enough I'll kill it.

You've been building a lot of buzz in the underground rap scene. What do you think has been one of the most important things you've done to help build buzz and maintain it with so many new rappers always trying to come up in the scene?
I honestly don't feel like I've built too much buzz, I still ain't shit. But if anything it's the fact that I try to go as hard as I possibly can on every song, and I always try to make each song I make either different or much better than the last, and I think that's how I've gotten as far as I have.

What are your plans for the remainder of the year? Will you be doing any shows or have plans to release any more music?
I'm tryna get my money up since i'm still pretty broke and I wanna do a bunch of shows out of state. I'm from NY and both performances I've done were in the state, I would definitely love to travel to perform. I'm definitely gonna be dropping a lot of heat this year, I plan on dropping a single later this month and keep going with singles from there until I decide that i'm ready to do another project.

I guess that wraps it up. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions. Do you have anything else you would like to add?

s/o everyone who f*ck with me, s/o the haters cuz I know yall still lurkin on my sh*t it's very flattering you boys are cute, and expect nothing but good things from me this year.

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