Issue Of The Month: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" Issue 9 (November 2016)

It's time for another issue of the month when I pick one issue from any current running comic series to highlight. For November 2016, I decided to pick "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", Issue 9.

Spoilers Below!

I'm not going to lie; Power Rangers has mostly been a nostalgia thing for me. While I still appreciate how cool they were for me as a kid, I haven't really followed any of the shows much throughout the years and haven't returned to watch the original show. This new comic series has been a pretty fun read and it kind of sucked me back into the universe a little. It's well written and the art has been nice. This issue in particular is a big standout for the series because it introduces a new "dark ranger" from a parallel universe.

This issue really starts setting up what should be a really interesting story. The ranger design is neat. It's a mix of the Green and White Ranger costumes. This series is a lot of fun to read and well done so whether you're new to Power Rangers, have always been a fan and still are, or you are just looking to scratch a nostalgic itch you might find something you like.  This issue is probably the biggest standout issue and most exciting issue of the series so far. Check it out!

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